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Support some local charities this holiday

Sophie Long
News Writer

Christmas is all about giving, and charities understand that December is one of the best times of year to get some money from you. What follows is the Carillon’s guide to help you decide which charities to spend that last bit of money you have left on – instead of buying booze.

Z99 and the Salvation Army’s Adopt a Family

If you haven’t heard this one on the radio yet, then you haven’t been listening to the radio. Z99 and the Salvation Army would like you to adopt a family for the holiday season, to make sure there are no children waking up without presents from Santa. This is a worthy cause, especially when you try to imagine what your Christmas Day would be like without the presents, the Christmas tree, or even the amazing supper that comes along with it. Last year, over 2,000 children were given a Christmas they would otherwise would have never experienced. In return, Visions Electronics is putting every name that adopts a family into a draw for a 32-inch TV. And if you don’t feel like adopting a family, you can always donate to the volunteers situated at most malls.

Z99 and the Hospitals of Regina Foundation

The radiothon that Z99 organizes each year for the Hospitals of Regina isn’t until March, but they’re taking advantage of your good heart and beginning to fundraise during the Christmas season. Parents can take their children to meet Santa at the Southland mall anytime until Christmas Eve for singing, storytelling, and dancing, for just $5. All the proceeds are going directly to the Hospitals of Regina foundation, and this is bound to be a popular one for families, so be sure to book in advance to meet Santa. Z99 works continuously to fundraise for the Hospitals of Regina foundation, so if you’re short on cash or time, Christmas isn’t your only opportunity to help out.

Souls Harbour Rescue Mission

Souls Harbour has several events this year in order to fundraise. First, it asks the warm-hearted to donate a gift. These gifts are given to adults at the program, daycare, soup kitchen, and the chapel. They ask that you read over their stories and choose a special gift for someone.. The second option, “Operation Christmas Stocking,” asks the generous to fill a pair of warm socks with necessities as a gift to give to the unfortunate. Finally, Souls Harbour asks for volunteers at its Christmas Day events, which include its Christmas holiday meal, and the Little Souls Daycare Christmas Party. Finally, Souls Harbour asks the really generous to sponsor a meal, at a price range of $400-800, and encourages groups to “come as a team and serve the needy!”

The Running Room’s Santa Shuffle

Even though the December temperatures in Saskatchewan make the rest of the world shiver at the thought, the Running Room encourages you to put on your warm socks and get running. Donations made in the form of pledges will go towards go towards the Salvation Army. Registration begins at $25, and the more you raise in pledges, the more you receive. For raising $1,000, a competitor receives a $100 Running Room gift certificate and a souvenir t-shirt. The Salvation Army estimates that $100 will feed one family at Christmas. The Run and Walk begins at 10 a.m. on Dec. 3, and families and companies alike are encouraged to register as teams.

Regina Humane Society

The Humane Society has often repeated that “a puppy is for life, not just for Christmas,” but it still hopes you’ll think of them when donating during the holidays this year. The Regina Humane Society has a gift catalogue for all of the animals it cares for, and gifts include paying for the adoption of a dog or cat, donating to ensure surgery for injured pets, heat packs, and animal toys. Once an order is received, the Humane Society sends a holiday card that lists the items you have donated as a thank you. Alternatively, the Humane Society is always looking for volunteers and has a list of items it requires year-round. These include dog and cat food, office supplies, and animal toys. Although it doesn’t recommend giving animals as Christmas gifts, it encourages you to seriously think about adopting an animal.

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