Broomball, a beginner-friendly winter sport

A red broomball jersey with three white stripes, two across the waist and elbows and one across the shoulders. The player number “01” is on each sleeve and the back, with “broomball” in black capital lettering.
Put this on, and you are now part of a team. lee lim

Have you ever wanted to run on ice without falling?

Regina is known for its cold weather, but there’s so much more to it in the winter. There are activities like ice hockey, figure skating, and much more that residents can engage in with their community. As the winter wind sweeps across a city covered in snow, residents seek exhilarating activities to make the most of living in Regina. 

 One such activity, among the array of others, is broomball. Broomball is a winter sport on indoor and outdoor ice rinks and, unlike traditional ice hockey, played without skates. Broomball can be recreational or competitive, but both offer fun for everyone involved. Like all sports, broomball requires players to wear equipment so the game can be played safely. This equipment includes a broomball stick, shoes, balls, goal nets, and goaltender equipment. Much of the equipment is specifically designed or adapted for broomball. 

Like ice hockey, broomball is played on ice and is a team-based sport. Unlike ice hockey, however, broomball players wear specialized rubber-soled shoes for better traction on the ice, and use a broom-like stick instead of an L-shaped, traditional hockey stick.  

The absence of skates makes broomball more approachable for beginners. Beginners might feel more comfortable exploring their limits and getting more competitive faster than other winter-based sports like ice hockey.  

There are usually two teams, making it an ideal sport and experience for people of all ages and skill levels. Each team competes to score goals by shooting the ball into the opposing team’s net. To win, teams will use precise passing, quick footwork, and teamwork. These strategies can be found in other team-based games, like soccer or football. There are also other elements to playing the game, like learning how to stay in control of the ball and balance while playing on the ice. It begins with a face-off, and a typical game is usually broken into two or three periods. 

The Saskatchewan Broomball Association (SBA), “is a Provincial Sport Organization that provides leadership and guidance to develop and promote the sport of Broomball at all skill levels,” according to their mission statement on their website. They recently held a Broomball game on Feb 23, 2024 in Aberdeen. Upcoming game events can be found on their website. Their calendar lists tournaments and broomball deadlines, such as the Senior Provincials on March 1-3 and March 8-10, and the deadline for mixed provincial teams’ fees and rosters is March 1. 

Broomball can be played at various venues like the Cooperators Centre, Mosaic Stadium’s outdoor rinks, and the Jack Staples Arena. All of these provide the perfect settings for friendly matches and organized leagues. Spectators can cheer on their favourite teams while aspiring enthusiasts can find opportunities to join recreational leagues and hone their playing skills. This is a fun, seasonal sport that can be explored and played during the icy cold winter season.  

 Regina’s cold season is a great time to explore broomball, attend the games, and participate in recreational and competitive broomball leagues. Broomball provides a refreshing way to stay fit during the winter season in Regina. What more can one ask for? 


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