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A fresh set of students are officially moved in

When September rolls around, to some students, that means it’s time to move out. For many, this means residence move-in time is a natural part of their back-to-school rituals.

Savanna Bryce, the live-in residence life coordinator, says that this year’s move-in went amazingly well.

“The move-in process this year went near seamlessly,” she said.

“We discussed how efficiently our team worked last year and how we were done in record time with hopes to have the same results this year. This year we were completed our move-in roughly 45 minutes sooner than last year!”

However, Bryce says that students being prepared has been a huge factor in their success.

“This is due to our proactive students arriving early and packing their belongings efficiently so that we were able to get them settled into their room in a short period of time, as well as the endless volunteers and staff that were more than willing to lend a hand wherever needed!”

The Prairie Research Associates did a survey in 2011, which includes statistics about residence moves and how many students live on versus off campus. Twenty-five Canadian universities offered to participate in the research regarding undergraduate students.

According to the students who participated, only 16 per cent live in residence. They also report that in “universities that offer primarily undergraduate studies and have smaller student populations” have more students living on campus, stating that “almost 1 student in 5 lives in residence.”

These schools also report great satisfaction with programs like “student life programs, university residences and parking facilities.”

The report indicates that the University of Regina does not fall in this category, but schools such as the University of British Columbia, New Brunswick and Winnipeg do.

However, the report also says that out of all the students surveyed, 32 per cent have reportedly used residence services.

While there may be a sense of anxiousness when it comes to moving out, there is also joy.

“My favourite part of the move-in process is seeing the different family dynamics and how the family reacts to the student’s milestone of moving onto campus,” Bryce explains.

“Some families are overjoyed for the student and others are upset and hesitant to leave until they know this is exactly what the student wants.”

So what should new students keep in mind for living on campus?

“My advice for new students living in housing for the first time, or really just for anyone living in housing, get involved,” Bryce says.

“Any chance to get involved in housing, whether it be through events, volunteer, or work opportunities, you are provided with endless free food, entertainment, peer-to-peer support, academic enhancements, and much more.”

Bryce also says that there’s no need to fear when moving in.

“Some common misconceptions about our move-in that newcomers may have is that we are less available to help throughout the year.”

Of course, the most important thing is that students living on residence are happy and safe, and that seems to be the case.

“We have Resident and Community Assistants that provide 24-hour support for our residents with nearly anything they may need,” Bryce explains.

“Here at Housing Services, our main priority is our residents and to ensure they enjoy their time here at the University of Regina.”

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