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A runner in green and yellow University of Regina-themed athletic wear is kneeling down on a running track, tying the laces on their right shoe while a hand reaches into the frame that’s holding a red stopwatch.
Tie or die. Lee Lim

Our track & field team had an impressive record last season, and this new coach hopes to continue the crescendo 

Sports are believed to be an integral part of university life. It is believed to not only help aid in a healthy mental growth, but also fosters additional benefits like skill development and valuable lessons taught in safe, supportive spaces. The University of Regina recognizes these factors, and provides an array of facilities like the gym, pool, and fitness center that are accessible to all University of Regina students and anyone with a gym membership.  

Recently, the U of R hired Sabrina Nettey as head coach for the track & field team. She has earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Trinity Western University and is currently enrolled at the University of British Columbia in the High Performance and Technical Leadership Program. She has been involved with sports all through her life. Inspired by the role of her father in this journey, Nettey has been exposed to track and field since the age of 10. Nettey has represented Canada for a significant amount of time, bringing laurels and accolades for herself and various institutions. 

Nettey has played volleyball and basketball as well as participated in competitive swimming, all in addition to the track and field base. She found her inspiration from her coach when it came to helping other young adults through coaching. She mentioned how coaching gives her an opportunity to talk to people about the sport but also life beyond, and to support students in becoming a better version of themselves. For the Cougars, she plans to build numbers on the team, keeping the culture how it is. Through the foundation pieces already existing, she wants to build a team that continues to bring accolades. “I am psyched for it,” said Nettey on her new position and helping students train. 

She mentioned that a mid-size school like the U of R has a close-knit community that would help students get better access to coaches, and ultimately to walk on the path of success. Helping university freshmen make the transitory move to a newer environment and meet the team standards, Nettey is here to do it all. To learn more, Nettey said she would be available via email ( to have conversations and help students find the best match. The team is open to all students, including international students. 

Nettey mentioned that the key measures of success in any walk of life would be professionalism, communication skills, and the ability to stay committed. She believes that one who can stay true to what they believe in will have the sky as their limit. Being surrounded by physically active friends engaged in sports, Nettey was able to explore a lot of co-curricular opportunities that helped her get to the place where she is now.  

As coaches are entrusted with the responsibility of the team, Nettey believes that people who have the potential to bring an impact should “just come out there.” She advises people interested in sports who are thinking about it to “just do it” and take the leap. As varsity athletes set out to be the best versions of themselves, Nettey offers to readily train and help build a great community of growth and development in the Cougars.  


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