Mike Gibson, one and done

Gibson switches allegiances once again./Canadian Football League

Gibson switches allegiances once again./Canadian Football League

Should former Rams boss have left so soon?

Mike Gibson has left the Rams as head coach. That much is old news, but that isn’t stopping me from airing my two cents. Before I say anything, let me preface this with a strong reminder that this is my personal opinion and not necessarily anyone else’s. I am not so pleased with Mike’s decision to leave.

While I can’t blame him for taking a new job opportunity while it was available to him, having a family to care for and all, it is how sudden the resignation was and the lack of comment at least, for the most part, from his end. I can appreciate the efforts Gibson took to try and engage the Rams a bit more academically, but I feel that one season is not enough to see the full implementation of the program and the goals he had in mind. It’s almost like a job half done.         Similarly, jumping ship after an 0-8 season seems like the easy way out. Is that what Gibson wants to be remembered by in his time at the U of R? The Leafs can maintain a coach for a few seasons and they obviously can’t expect to win a Stanley Cup anytime soon. Granted, they needed the highest paid salary in NHL history to do that. Easy Maple Leafs jokes aside, a team’s coach should be setting an example for the rest of the team and if leaving as soon as the water gets a little choppy is the example to be had, we wouldn’t have a standing football team.

Here is where I get a little torn. If I was in Gibson’s position, could I say that I would stay after being offered a considerably better salary in the CFL? Probably not. I’m also a pretty self-concerned guy, so maybe I should cut people a bit more slack. It becomes a weird grey area. Mike Gibson does not leave behind the greatest legacy with the Rams, but can anyone really blame him for leaving? It would be very easy for me to jump on the bandwagon and talk about the lack of honor or commitment Gibson had for the university but I’m not sure, in good conscience, that I can.

Maybe I am indecisive and empathize a little too much. Gibson is given a hard time for leaving the Rams, and maybe he deserves it. I have a hard time justifying either side. Maybe if Mike would have gone to the press and talked about what a piece of shit the U of R and its attendees can be (and while I would have agreed with him), I would be more inclined to take a negative stance against him. Hey, I am an attendee of the U of R! I am only a piece of shit sometimes!

I don’t know. Maybe Gibson’s plan was to say nothing so that I can’t pick a side. I could be playing into his hand right now. It’s really hard to say. In my humble opinion, yeah, Gibson could have handled things more gracefully, maybe with more notice, maybe with more information from him, but am I in a position to say that he shouldn’t have done it?

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