Regina Farmers’ Market review

A Regina Farmers’ Market tent labelled “Information” with a cloth sign depicting “Regina Farmers’ Market” and stylistic renderings of a pod of peas, a tomato, and an ear of corn are in the mid-ground of the photo. There are boxes outside the tent and a table set up inside the tent. A person sits on a black cloth-covered table outside the tent while another in a shirt labelled “Staff” sits on a cooler to the left of the picture. 
Farmers’ Markets are a great place to spend your time (and your money). Victoria Baht

As the sun starts peeking out of the rain clouds, Regina farmers start marketing 

The Regina Farmers’ Market is a popular event that takes place during the summer months in Regina. The Farmers’ Market takes place on Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Pat Fiacco Plaza (right downtown in Regina) and on Thursday nights from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at 4701 Buckingham Drive. This week I decided to go down to the Farmers’ Market on Thursday night to check it out. 

I have to say, this event’s location in the east end is a great idea. The Farmer’s Market is located in Horizon Station Park. Although it is near a quite busy park, there are many cars due to apartment buildings, sports, and an active community. On this Thursday night, there were children in the park playing flag football, soccer, and hanging around on the play structure. There is even a recently opened dog park!  

Once you find a spot to park your car, you can walk along the sidewalk and find some food trucks. Last week when I visited, I got to see Mr. Spudds Poutinerie, Rebellion Brewing, El Tropezon, and Smokin’ Outlaws BBQ. Having food trucks available makes for the perfect night activity. You could come down, get some delicious street food, sit on the nice green grass in the sun and enjoy your meal, and then you can enjoy the Farmers’ Market. 

 The market itself is in a hockey rink/basketball court. This is a great idea for many reasons! To start, you are not walking on grass, which can lessen the chance of you waking up the mosquitos and getting bitten. It is also on pavement which means that it is more stroller, walker, and wheelchair accessible, and this week it was a nice short market which can also make it accessible for those who cannot walk for long distances.  

As I walked down the market, I saw some familiar things that I have seen in the past at the Farmers’ Market. You had the chance to buy some homemade baked goods, hot sauce and spices, unique hand-crafted jewelry, accessories, and food. There were not too many farmers yet at this time of the year, but that could have been because it is early June and certain foods just are not ready yet.  

As I was walking and looking around, I got to pick some unique items, such as a beverage from Prairie Bee Meadery: seltzer that had a hint of a honey taste.  I also got to check out some homemade dog treats from The Good Dog. I talked to the vendors at the table, and the treats themselves are made from bison and crickets; the crickets are raised in a controlled environment. They make a good crunch. Now, the best thing about these treats is that they are hypoallergenic and made for sensitive dogs; they just have a few simple ingredients. 

Well, thanks for coming along for the visit to the Thursday night Farmers’ Market with me! This location is awesome. You can enjoy the sun, sunset, street food, the market, the park, and all the activities. You should definitely check them out this summer. 


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