Music review – Huddle: All These Fires


All These Fires
Third Side Music

All These Fires is straightforward, generic alt-rock album that seldom embellishes or changes dynamics between medium-loud and medium-quiet. One of the few exceptions to this is “It Nights,” as the track actually has a more-than-minuscule difference in dynamics between the verse and the chorus. Most of the songs are like the people who are too cool to dance at concerts, swaying back and forth a little but not really moving at all. As a whole, this lack of dynamic can make All These Fires seem a bit boring, but it does seem to work well on tracks like “Islands” and “Sirens.” Both aforementioned tracks also employ an interesting mix of acoustic and electric drums that give the songs a very tight and rigid feel rhythmically. These are the only songs that you’ll likely sing to yourself later in the day, since they are some of the few above-average tracks on an adequate album.

Paul Bogdan
A&C Writer

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