Election results not yet ratified


author: The Carillon

Jaecy Bells

No news is bad news

In a case of no news is the news, the investigation into the University of Regina Students’ Union election results is still ongoing. Chief Returning Officer (CRO) Shafeeka Sayyid confirmed in a message that the results would “definitely not” be ratified by the end of classes 

Sayyid was also unsure about the chances of the results being confirmed before the end of April. 

Potentially, it really depends on how the interviews go. If all goes as planned, and no new evidence is found. End of the month may be possible. 

The CRO confirmed that members in every constituency of the election are being investigated by the three-person elections committee 

Every constituency is being investigated in some regard yes. 

Sayyid later reiterated that her goal is to have the process completed by the end of April. but that a number of issues need to be resolved before that can happen.  

I really can’t say yet, until all interviews are conducted. There’s quite a few to get through, but it really would be ideal to have a decision by the end of the month. 

“So, we’ve been talking about this, we’re not exactly sure, what we think probably would be the most sense approach would be that upon time that a resolution could be found we would just call a special board meeting with the outgoing board. 

Wiskar said that while this approach is not officially confirmed and that this approach is a guessing [of] what it will be.” as this has not happened in the union’s recent history. 

“The executives would finish May 1 and, effectively, upon the elections committee finalizing the recommendations and having something for the board there would be a special meeting called for the election results to be ratified. However, I don’t think that’ll be the case because by all accounts it seems we’ll have it [the recommendations] before the end of the month.” 


“Honestly, the elections kind of seem to be a little less engaging than I thought they’d be. We’re running into the trend that we have where there’s been a lot of publicity around the electio. I think students are starting to lose interest which is unfortunate because these elected positions do a lot of work for students. So, I think there’s a lot of work URSU can do on a pr [public relations] front and also reinforcing that these elections are positive and that it’s bad actions amongst the bunch, and it’s not necessarily systemically built in to help reinforce trust amongst the student body.  

Wiskar said it was “sad to see engagement down this year.” 

Mohammed Khan won the elected position of vice president operations and finance. He believes that he is in good standing in regards to the election investigation. 

“I’m not too worried about because I felt like I ran a fair election and I’m not really sure about what the other candidates have done. It’s kind of funny in anticipation thinking about all the things and all the reasons why other people could be in this dilemma, but I feel like it’s looking good for May 1.”  

Khan declined to comment on any allegations made towards other candidates, but did say he had “heard of physical altercations.” He went on to say that the details are murky for him. 

 “But I don’t know who exactly and what and when, but I just know things have gotten violent.” 

When asked who the candidates were that were involved in those issues, Khan said that he “couldn’t say.” 

Sayyid did confirm that small presentation would be made to the board at their April 9 meeting. Details of this meeting, as they are after our print deadline, may appear online at carillonregina.com. 

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