Man Up Against Violence holds week of events

Screenshot by Brett Nielsen

Screenshot by Brett Nielsen

Event-packed week tackles violence and gender roles in sport

This week, the University of Regina campus is hosting Man Up Against Violence (MUAV) events from March 28-31 These events are geared toward educating the students at the University of Regina (and any other participants) about the controversial topics of gendered violence and toxic masculinity. Some of the topics at hand are a healthy masculinity workshop, a MUAV lunch, and a keynote address with Tony Porter on Thursday. The Carillon caught up with Emily Barber, the events coordinator for Regina Public Interest Research Group (RPIRG), and she expressed the importance of the events, what issues MUAV hopes to address, and why students should make time to attend at least one of the planned events:


Hannah Grover: What is the event (Man Up Against Violence) for?


Emily Barber: MAUV holds two weeks of events every year, each focused on specific topics related to gendered violence. This week is focusing on homophobia in sport and toxic masculinity.


HG: Why should students be eager to attend events this week? What will they learn from the workshops and talks being held?


EB: While geared towards those directly involved in sport, I believe all students should feel compelled to attend these events. We often hear talk of femininity and the difficulties faced by women under patriarchal systems, but this week’s events will offer education about and skill-based training to shut down the ways in which patriarchy creates toxic masculinities.


HG: Which events are you planning on or hoping to attend?


EB: I am specifically excited to see the keynote speaker, Tony Porter, as I’ve heard is an incredible speaker. But I am also hoping to attend the student-run “Healthy Masculinities Workshop” with UR Rams player, Tyler Perkins.

This is the third year that the University is hosting Man Up Against Violence, and Barber, along with RPIRG, wants to emphasize the importance of the events, as their aim is to promote positive change within the gendered dynamics and stereotypes on our campus. Past Man Up Against Violence workshops and talks, which have been led by the Faculty of Kinesiology and funded by RPIRG, have discussed peer pressure in locker rooms, hosted motivational speeches from former NFL players, and fielded discussions surrounding what roles men in hyper-masculine sports roles have contributed to the normalization of violence against women.

Following the tradition of discussing the implications of toxic masculinity in sport, this year’s Man Up Against Violence week aims to open the eyes of its attendees. The University of Regina encourages students to attend this week’s events, as their aim is to promote well-rounded, inclusive discussions about gendered violence and stereotypes. These events provide keynote speakers and event coordinators who are professionals in the fields of sport, women and gender studies, and anti-oppressive education. RPIRG, who has funded Man Up Against Violence, hopes that students who attend will learn about how they can help end gender inequality and promote safe discussion among any participant on the U of R campus.


The events and times are listed online on Man Up Against Violence’s website and Facebook page.

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