Lovin’ love with country star Doc Walker


A new album, a sick single, and pure awesomeness

Taken with a selfie stick? Hmmm… / Doc Walker

Taken with a selfie stick? Hmmm… / Doc Walker

Who likes Doc Walker? I do! And, you probably do too! (Unless you’re completely country-challenged, in which case you are a very unfortunate human being). In fact, I am a rather large fan of Doc Walker and of country music in general despite my sincere love for Celine Dion and rap music.

So, let’s get into this kick butt article about Doc Walker shall we? Heck yes! Well, this dynamic country duo, made up of lead singer Chris Thorsteinson and guitarist Dave Wasyliw, hails from good ol’ Portage La Prairie, Manitoba (wherever the heck that is). Just kidding. I know where that is; I have relatives there. Who would’ve thought my relatives live in Doc Walker country?

Anyway, I had the crazy amazing chance to hear from Doc Walker’s very own Chris Thorsteinson who comes from a very musical background.

“I really can’t remember not playing and singing,” states Thorsteinson. “It was always a big part of our household growing up. Over the years, seeing how music can affect people [has] really inspired me to become a better artist.”

And a better artist he has become indeed: going from his growing up, early musical years to performing on a national stage with his champ of a band member Wasyliw under the name Doc Walker.

According to their Biography, Doc Walker has produced over 20 Top 10 singles, received multiple Canadian Country Music Awards, such as Fans’ Choice, Group or Duo of the Year, CMT Video of the Year, Single of the Year, and Country Music Program or Special of the Year, and been nominated for several JUNO Awards for Country Album of the Year.

In fact, Doc Walker picked up a JUNO win for Country Album of the Year in 2009 with their album Beautiful Life.

With their recently released new album The 8th, I’d say Doc Walker can expect to add to their solid little award collection in 2015.

However, Thorsteinson says, “We have never expected to be nominated or win awards. Getting the nomination is always an honour, but there has been work that we have done that was not nominated that is some of my favourite stuff. So, we just keep making the best music we can.”

Now if that isn’t a sick statement, I don’t know what is. Screw making great music solely for the chance to get a crap load of awards! Doc Walker just strives for the best and, in my opinion, that’s all they have to do to keep their craft alive and strong and their fans listening all the more. It’s about loving your career, not who gets the most awards.

Ah, speaking about love, with Valentine’s Day in the air (pukes), Doc Walker’s new album, The 8th, has many themes of love intertwined in its songs.

“I think it’s a great portrait of where Dave and I are on the road of life right now: both having children and maturing as writers,” Thorsteinson states. “I think there is a lot of love in this record.”

Heck yes, there is a lot of love in this record, especially with their second single “That’s How I Like It.” I personally love this song and belt it out proudly, hitting zero notes on pitch, and probably weirding out all the drivers passing me, when I hear it on the radio.

With lyrics including phrases like “And it was love and that was all,” “You’re mine, you’re mine,” “I’m yours, I’m yours,” and “I’m the one that gets to take you home,” this song is clearly a love song. So special.

Thorsteinson admits, “It’s a love story, and I’m a sucker for love stories. Ya ya ya, I’m a softie.”

Nothing to be ashamed of, Thorsteinson. Better to be a softie lovin’ love than a huge asshole who doesn’t even remotely understand the concept of love.

By this point, you’re probably wondering if Doc Walker wrote “That’s How I Like It” for a special someone. Although this mystery will remain, Thorsteinson says, “It really struck me as a great radio single, and I loved the message in the song.”

See? For all those lovesick saps out there, love songs don’t always need to be written with someone else in mind. They can simply sum up the theme of love between two individuals through a simple message.

Whether Doc Walker writes their songs for special somebodies or not, their fans remain loyal, just like a happy little lovely relationship. Aw. So cute.

“I think the relationship we have with the fans is one built on a solid foundation,” says Thorsteinson. “They have been with us through the years, and every year we gain more and work as hard as we can to write and record good music and put on the best show we possibly can every night. The fans know we have made that commitment to them; that’s why they have been so supportive.”

A relationship built on a solid foundation, commitment, and support: three things one rarely finds in a one on one relationship these days, so good on ya, Doc Walker, for establishing this sick relationship with your fans.

Now, with Valentine’s Day approaching, what’s the perfect Valentine’s Day song to play for your special someone when you take him or her out on a date, slow dance, make-out in front of awkward bystanders, or drop down on your knees and propose?

Thorsteinson suggests, “‘That’s what I call love’ off the new Doc Walker record, The 8th, sounds good to me.”

Sounds good to me too! In fact, anything, really, would count for the perfect Valentine’s Day song as long as it isn’t the sappy, lovesick, fairy-tale, completely unrealistic, but oh-so-catchy “Love Story” by Taylor Swift.

While Thorsteinson refuses to spill his Valentine’s Day plans because he says, “It’s a surprise,” I’m sure we can all imagine it will be something spectacular. I mean, he is a country music star after all, so he probably has the means to charter a private jet for a day…or at least take his wife out to Tim Horton’s. Gotta love Canadian boys. But, I digress.

Going back to the whole Canadian country music star thing, it isn’t all butterflies, kittens, rainbows, and constant bliss. It takes a lot of work and a lot of travelling.

“I think the only problem is the county is so big, you have to travel so much from city to city,” Thorsteinson states.

Although the life of star-status individuals is not easy, some people want it; they want to make a career out of singing and song writing. Yes, I’m talking to all you up-and-coming singer-songwriters out there who have big, awesome dreams, but no real means to accomplish them since you currently live in Regina, SK.

To these people, Thorsteinson says, “I would say keep writing and never give up. Dave and I have been doing this for 20 years now, so it’s not an overnight thing.”

There you go! You heard it from Thorsteinson himself. You’re not going to go pro overnight, so put on your big boy boxers or big girl panties, keep doing what you love, and don’t give up on your dreams.

Dang. That was inspirational. I’m so proud of myself.

Anyway, with Valentine’s Day coming up and with Doc Walker’s new album, The 8th, and second single “That’s How I Like It” hitting the music scene, love is in the air (pukes again). Please excuse me while I go eat cheesecake, cuddle with my foster kitty, and order some flowers to be delivered to myself on V-Day.

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