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Look at these real nice boys/Courtesy of Christina Bourne

Surf Dads drummer Chris Dimas reflects on another successful summer

Before diving into the heavier content of the article, I would like to state some facts. First, these gentlemen live over 1300 kilometres from the nearest ocean. Second, none of them have ever fathered a child. Despite these things, they are the Surf Dads.

No stranger to the limelight, local drummer Chris Dimas has reached new heights through his work with his band,. Chris formed the group two years ago with frontman and partner-in-crime Gage McGuire, and together they have seen success ever since. Despite living across the continent from each other, the two began writing songs together in 2015, later becoming a band when Chris returned to Regina. As part of becoming a live band, they recruited bassist Nolan Grad and he has provided an important contribution to the group ever since.

The group has seen a few lineup changes since their inception, most recently going from a five-piece to a four-piece. The group’s new full-time guitarist, Kieran Smith, is also the frontman for local band, Seed.

“Adding Kieran in the mix has been great and he is definitely bringing a lot of new energy into the band,” Chris commented.

Surf Dads’ first full-length album, All Day Breakfast, was released on April 17 of this year, and has received high praise. The album was recorded and mixed by friend of the band Rob Morrison at Studio One, and has received attention from many sources, including Noisey and Exclaim. The album features a continuation of their signature surf rock sound, and features a song called “Pinpoint,” which Chris claims was the first song idea they had as a band. Additionally, the group has started to play with bands that they adore, including groups like Cloud Nothings, Hockey Dad, and Dune Rats.

This spring/summer saw Chris and the Dads exploring all over Canada, playing the songs that they love. With stops in Toronto for Canadian Music Week, Calgary for Sled Island, and Yukon for the Dawson City Music Festival, the Dads barely have time to think. However, this doesn’t stop them from taking in another successful season of performing.

The group kept themselves busy over the summer, and writing kickass songs and exploring the Great White North is tiring work. However, the band has no intentions to slow down. The group is both reflecting on another successful summer, and looking toward a bright future. Chris stated that the group has plans for both an EP and a full-length album in the new year, as well as another tour out west.

The group has seen lots of the world over the past couple years, with many stops across Europe and Canada. However, Chris isn’t ready to stop any time soon. He discussed his ambitions for the group to one day tour in Australia and the United States, as well as return to Europe.

However, no place in the world will replace Regina, and Chris appreciates his upbringing in the Queen City. He believes that everyone in the music scene has been super welcoming, and he has been able to draw influence from many of them. Local legends Library Voices have been strong supporters of Surf Dads, and even went on tour with the group. Chris can’t seem to understate the amount of influence that Library Voices has provided for the group.

In fact, Regina as a whole has provided plenty of influence for the young musician, and he hopes that many more can follow in his footsteps. Chris says that simply going to shows and supporting new bands will help one find acceptance into the local scene. The local scene is bursting at the seams with new artists, and it appears as though a new generation of music has come to the forefront in Regina.

An article about this group could not be complete without mention of their somewhat strange affinity for breakfast. The group stops for breakfast at every tour stop, selecting the first breakfast restaurant that they come across. Chris selected Toronto restaurant Frankie’s as his personal favourite, completely due to the fact that the group had been walking for two hours before they stumbled upon the place.

Do yourself a favour and grab yourself some breakfast, or perhaps even some all-day breakfast. The Dads are always doing something around the Queen City, so keep your eyes, ears, and mouths open for whatever they serve up next!


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