Literary Supplement Part 2


Nursery Rhyme for the Demented

Author: John Loeppky

Martin Asche

Martin Asche

Jack and Jill started in the back of a convertible

Jack thought he’d write about it later in his journal

oh no! he was starting to become nonverbal

no one should listen to that much Deep Purple!

The sign said “Gentlemen, come for a show”

so Dave thought that meant  bring girls in tow

he might have been looking for hookers and blow

turns out it was the knitting club learning how to sew

Kim told the bartender a little paradox

I only drink wine except when I drink shots

she wasn’t wearing a matching pair of socks

not that she could tell, she was starting to see spots

Dick was just an old guy learning to flirt

he thought it would help if he took off his shirt

even the stripper thought it was slightly overt

We all should have guessed he was quite the pervert

Nancy thought it was time to kiss

the whisky sours helped her miss

in her opinion it would’ve been bliss

if it wasn’t for when she decided to piss

At the end of the night Jim couldn’t find his keys

Buck naked when that cop told him to freeze

too distracted by the woman’s double Ds

as his dumb ass buddy told him to say cheese

Wishful Thinking

Author: Destiny Kaus



All I ask is just one more minute

One more minute to chill with you

To hear your jokes

To see your face

To feel you tousle my hair

60 more seconds to hold you

To eat pizza with you
To listen to your heartbeat

To hear your breath

I wish I would’ve said, “I love you”

Or stayed up late with you

I wish I would’ve said, “I’m here”

Or made you laugh once more

I wish I would’ve said, “Goodbye”

Or been there for you

All I ask is just one more minute

One more minute to walk with you

To give back

To wave at you in the halls

To ask you questions

60 more seconds to chat with you

To sit in your class

To see your grin

To hear your quiet chuckle

I wish I would’ve said, “I love you”

Or written to you more

I wish I would’ve said, “You’re inspiring”

Or gone to visit you

I wish I would’ve said, “Goodbye”

Or sent that one last letter

All I ask is just one more minute

One more minute to hug you

To snap a pic of you and me

To see your smile

To hold your hand

60 more seconds to hear your laugh

To eat pie with you

To talk to you

To hear your voice

I wish I would’ve said, “I love you”

Or gone to see you in the hospital

I wish I would’ve said, “Thank you”

Or sat with you in your final hours

I wish I would’ve said, “Goodbye”

Or gone to your funeral

All I ask is just one more minute

One more minute to relive all the good times

To say what was left unsaid

To apologize

To remember all the fun

60 more seconds to laugh at all the jokes

To tell the truth

To pay everyone back

To show my love

I wish I could cry for you all

Or die in your places

I wish I could grieve for you all

Or let myself mourn

I wish I could have that one more minute, those 60 more seconds

Or be able to let go

Sunsets in Broken Glass

Author: Robyn Tocker

Andrew Crouthamel

Andrew Crouthamel


Her Kahlua fizzed

in her clenched fist

The window squeaked

reflecting the sun off the porcelain

of her bathtub. Somewhere

in a room of white sheets

and empty beer cans

her best friend forgot

about the birthday party

She sank deeper into the suds

as the pink sun kissed her cheeks.


This is mine

she screamed

when he went to grab her heart

You’re crazy

He shook his head

She grabbed a hot coal

and burned his toupee

This is mine

He ran out the back door

breaking the hinges

You are not mine.


Taxi rides cost too damn much

She presses her forehead against the shoulder

of a boy she could have loved

if he smiled at her like she was the angel

his mother told stories about.

His hand is hot and forceful

and a necessity she has forgotten about

The driver takes a wide turn

She’s on his lap and he tastes like five beers

one tequila and too many lonely nights

She knows the taste well.


Put down the cigarette

she begs as they push the porch swing

in bare feet. She stares at the place his lungs hide

and she hears the cancer cells muttering back

in a clipped voice her father spoke to her

when she screwed around in the basement.

He just looks at her as he takes another puff

Put it down

He swallows the smoke

I can’t.


She sees God in her chipped nail polish

He speaks clearly in the green mirror

and tells her to put down the bottle

but it’s a hard pill to swallow without it

She hears her mother outside the window

laughing as her husband kisses her cheek

Dogs bark and children scream

Church bells ring

She covers her eyes with God’s palms

This is mine.


Author: Myles Mazet

Glenn Francis

Glenn Francis

The nakedness of denial,

light sculpted into the

image above all




Soon she will be withered and prolapsed,

a flicker in the crumbling universe of my mind –

that fearful and wonderful home

I could never quite abandon,

never call my own.

Our Final Nail

Author: Mhmoud Essalah



But it was society that fell for the age-old tricks, 
Getting fat, fixated on our Netflix,

We got distracted by our new-age colosseums, 
And let our selves be hypnotized by the beating of war drums,

Had we extended the same courtesy as the scholars of old, 
and simply Think; to never allow our minds to be sold,

Perhaps then we wouldn’t have suffered this plague of apathy, 
Which will devour any chance for us to be truly free and happy.

Once the bill hits the floor and It’ll be too late cry out “1984!”, 
After all is said and done, and Harper passes C-51, 
The police start carrying bigger guns,
 and it’ll be too late to save our freedoms,

It was apathy that sealed our fate, 
We got too comfy in a powerful and subtle police state.

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