Leak of the week

Apparently this leak, like the sign, is a permanent fixture.  Photo - Brett Nielsen

Apparently this leak, like the sign, is a permanent fixture.
Photo – Brett Nielsen

… because shame leads to change.

As part of our ongoing efforts to highlight the crumbling infrastructure at the University of Regina, the Carillon proudly presents the sixth part in our “Leak of the Week” feature, bringing you the vital stats on the different failing roofs around campus.


Location: Located in the underground parking lot of the Riddell Centre, this leak is strategically placed to piss off the students who dare to pay extra for special parking.

Leaking: Yes.

Nickname(s): “Captain Obvious”

Apparatus: In a feat of mechanical genius akin to the rescue of Apollo 13, the University has chosen to forego any actual repairs or redirection in favour of a sign telling people to stop whining about the leaks. Reading between the lines, the sign says, “We know, we just don’t care.”

Number of people working on it: 0.

Age: 15. That’s right – if this leak was a person, it would have a learner’s license.

Has it been fixed yet: No. For fifteen years.

Current status: Shameful.

Impact on students: While the leak itself is not exceptionally inconvenient (we’re realists here), it does serve to remind U of R students that even if they pay extra for the best service the University has to offer, it’s still going to be falling apart. The addition of the sign acts as a giant middle finger, proclaiming loudly that despite their willingness to take your money, they’re not even trying.

Student comment(s): “I pay $105/month to park down here so that I won’t get wet.”

Administration Comment(s): “We’ve looked into it, and it’s not actually a leak, because the water is coming from the kitchen instead of the sky. Now stop calling us!”

“That kitchen has finally passed its health inspection, so it’s fine. You could drink that water. Also, stop calling us – can’t you read?”


If you know of any leaks on campus, or other examples of failing infrastructure that the university should be ashamed of, please contact news@carillonregina.com.

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