No shame, only gain: using supports for student academic success

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Using the University of Regina Student Success Centre services now may reduce your exam sweat later

The school year is picking up speed and already we are a few weeks into the 2023 fall semester. Are you ready for classes to continue to pick up the pace, or do they have you a bit worried? Well, I am here to share with you a bit about a resource that the University of Regina offers students to make classes a little easier to succeed in.  

Did you know that the university has a Student Success Centre (SSC)? The SSC is a centre at the university that students can use to improve learning skills; access writing-, math-, and statistics-specific tutoring; as well as other unique programs.  

The SSC website states that the programs and free services offered at the centre are there to help university students become more effective and efficient in how they engage with learning. They work by giving students a chance to adapt to what it is like to be at university while encouraging you to connect with all the university has to offer. This is also the place to go for tutoring and services to help improve your standing in your classes. It may be as simple as rethinking your study habits. 

 The SCC offers writing, math, and statistics tutoring. The tutoring sessions help each student individually build on their learning skills while respecting their own styles and needs. This is a great resource to support students in forming educational goals and reaching them.  

As an example of how they might help you out individually, the writing tutoring program offers the resource to students at all different skill levels. They meet you where you are at and understand that there is always room for improvement. Additionally, the writing tutors work with you to ensure that not just your current assignment is improving, but your overall skills and capacity as a student are improving as well. If you are ready to personally excel, try booking an in-person or Zoom appointment and give it a try. The writing tutor sessions this semester run from September 11 to December 5.  

Next, the math and statistics tutoring sessions offer tutors that support you in working out solutions one by one and getting results. The math and statistics tutoring sessions this fall run from September 7 to December 14. Be sure to check out the SSC website for more details and to book an appointment. Don’t wait until you are desperate to access these supports! The calendars for tutoring show that help is available early on and that learning builds on regular sessions. There will be less assistance available to you if you wait until your final exam or assignment is due. Get the help beforehand to make your skills the best that they can be before the final.  

Writing, math, and statistics classes develop skills that are typically essential to obtaining any type of degree. It is beneficial for you as a student to take advantage of a university that offers these skill developing services that focus on building strong student capacity. The SSC website outlines that the success centre also offers additional resources such as an academic recovery program which helps students strengthen their skills and education. A U-Turn program is available to help students who have been placed on academic probation.  

Now that you know about some services offered by the SSC, I hope you may be more comfortable trying them and benefiting your classes and your brain. Although it occurs to me, how do you know if tutoring is really what you need to help your classes get better or if tutoring will be beneficial to you? Sometimes you simply must try and see, but I also conducted some research on tutoring so that you can consider the evidence base for the service.  

The website states that, “tutoring can help strengthen subject comprehension, boost confidence and build important learning skills.” Not only does it further explain what tutoring can do for you, the site lists fifteen different ways it can benefit you. A specific point that drew my attention is that tutoring is typically one-on-one. Is your stats class filled with people that make you a tad overwhelmed and scared to ask a question or follow along? Tutoring can offer an alternative by sitting down with a tutor, with your lecture notes in hand, to ask questions in front of a single person who wants to help. It may be just what you need to get ahead of the jitters, increasing your confidence in the material and helping you pass the class.  

Or, perhaps you have not had the opportunity to form positive study habits, and you sense that you just do not spend the time needed studying or understanding how to study for the class. Getting a tutor is a great way to stay committed, double up on learning, and enhance those skills. Another standout benefit tutoring offers is gaining confidence in your skills and what you are learning. Are you one who cracks under pressure, and starts to sweat a little during exams? You are not alone. Be the one who asks for better by getting a tutor to help you gain confidence and be more comfortable in doing the work. It is also nice to feel someone has your back from time-to-time and that can help you relax. Being prepared relieves the pressure when it really is exam time.  

Now you know that the University of Regina offers challenging classes, but they also offer strategies and services to help you be a successful student. Check out the SSC for these resources and do not let them go to waste. Recall that tutoring sessions are free of charge and open to all students at any level. The Student Success Centre (SSC) is located in room 230 on the second floor of the Riddell Centre, or you can access it online via the University of Regina website. 


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