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Article: Olivia Hanson – Contributor

[3A]Hunter Haye's FacebookHunter Hayes: Storyline   Release Date: May 6, 2014

First off, I am NOT a huge country music fan, but you cannot live in southern Saskatchewan without running into a few die-hard country listeners. An artist that is often mentioned regarding up and coming new country artists is the heartthrob himself, Hunter Hayes. With the new album Storyline released May 6 of this year, I decided I should give it a listen to develop my own opinion. From his hit single “Invisible” to his more upbeat “Tattoo,” Hayes proves that he is an honest talent. His mad guitar skills and gifted voice shows that his fame is well deserved, and he isn’t just another pretty face. Though I won’t be downloading this album myself anytime soon, I will give props to any country music fans that do jam to some Hunter Hayes every once in a while. Storyline will be another hit album for Hunter Hayes, creating an even wider fan base.

Personal favourites off the album include: “Wild Card” and “Flashlight”


PrintThe Black Keys: Turn Blue   Release Date: May 12, 2014

I have been waiting with anticipation for the release of Turn Blue, being as The Black Keys have been a personal favourite of mine since the beginning of their career. The band found growing fame with the release of their last album, El Camino, with instant radio hits, such as “Lonely Boy” and “Little Black Submarines.” It will be interesting to see if the guys gain as much air time with their new tunes as they have in the past and if their widespread fan base will be pleased with their somewhat different sound. As for me, I have appreciated their musicality from the beginning and continue to enjoy the music they put out. The mellow entrance of the album is only a sweet taste of what comes later on in this album, keeping you wanting more. Listen to this album, then listen to it on repeat because The Black Keys duo has done it again.

Personal favourites off the album include: “Year in Review,” “Turn Blue” and every other track because it’s seriously that good.


[3A]Lykke Li's Facebook PageLykke Li: I Never Learn   Release Date: May 2, 2014

Singer/songwriter Lykke Li released her third full album I Never Learn on May 2 this year, filled with soulful ballads radiating sorrow. For most, Lykke Li is an acquired taste that takes a few listens to really appreciate, which is definitely the case for this somewhat depression- ridden album. I picture this album being played at a coffee shop trying to be heard over the murmur of chatty London fog drinkers as opposed to being a part of anyone’s pump-up summer jams. I’m not particularly impressed with the tracks on this album opposed to her other (more upbeat) hits such as “Get Some”and “Little Bit.” Overall, this album didn’t pique my interest as much as I wanted it to. Lykke Li’s alternative sound has always been a bit dark, but never this melancholic. This is not what I was hoping for, transitioning into summer.

Personal Favourites off the album include: “No Rest for the Wicked” and “Gunshot”

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