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Silly little comic… /Destiny Kaus

Silly little comic… /Destiny Kaus

Strange fits of haiku passion

I love my bathtub

And my little rubber duck

Splish, splash, splish, splash, sploosh


My teddy loves me

He hugs me and makes me smile

He is quite fluffy


I hate blueberries

They suck and are very gross

They give me the blues


Peanut butter rocks

It makes me very happy

Om nom nom nom nom


Working out kicks butt

Oh how I enjoy lifting weights

I feel like the Hulk


Here comes my kitty

I feel glee that makes me pee

Purr purr pet pet pet


On no! My toilet!

Quite befuddled, I cry out

Help! Where’s the plunger?



Nothing erks me more

Than chunks of cheese and carrots

Ew. Gross. I will barf.


I lift some sick weights

Adrenaline rushes in

I feel empowered


Aw another cat

Fluffy, happy, fuzzy fur

I pet him with glee


Bunnies, oh bunnies

Balls of white, cotton fluff stuff

How adorable


I hate going pee

In the middle of the night

I just want to sleep


Where is my hot dog?

My stomach groans with hunger

I am very mad


Pitch. Hit. Run. Repeat.

Softball is the game I love.

Stealing, sliding, safe!


Oh fudge. Fudge. Fudge. Fudge.

I want my yummy fudge. Fudge.

How I miss thee. Fudge.


Penguins running by

Make me smile, laugh, and giggle

On the glee in me


Oh curses, a bug

A spider to be exact

I am terrified


Cows and calves alike

Moo in unison and glee

I want to eat them


Screw you alarm clock

Please shut up and let me sleep

Once more I hit snooze



Breathing in fresh air

I walk beneath the sweet stars

Loving life a lot


Why do I feel sad?

Home life, heartache, hopelessness

Life does suck sometimes


Filled with warmth and life

I bask in God’s holy word

Soaking up his truth


Raining, raining hard

Though gloom fills me, I can hope

There is sun ahead


Darkness creeps and crawls

Afraid, I lay still with hurt

Whispering, Why me?


Tears fall down my face

But He catches them with grace

He hugs me tightly


I chose to forgive

I feel relief from this grudge

A burden lifted


Joy brings up laughter

Laughter brings up joyous hope

Joy and laughter join


Wind blows away hurt

But cuts through my heart and soul

A two-faced monster


I feel trapped in chains

Old habits left unbroken

Where is my freedom?


Sorrow makes life suck

Fun turned to funk in one swoop

How will I survive?


I find peace in Christ

Where love, strength, and safety reign

He lasts forever


Nightmares fill my dreams

Constant visions of my past

Horror go away


Good times still live on

Though distance separates us

Our friendship stays strong


Do not take me home

I feel safe right here in bed

Far from hurting home


Floating on the clouds

Higher than a soaring kite

At last I feel free


Happy, happy, hey!

A good day in paradise

Loving life muchly


Climbing up the hills

To new beginnings heck yeah

Change is in the air


Fluffy clouds roll in

Along with the sun and peace

I feel warm and calm


Trees grow and trees die

People grow and people die

Oh crap. All alone.

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