Halloween Roundtable


Robyn Tocker, Troy Julé, Kyle Leitch, Paul Bogdan

Do you enjoy Halloween? If so, what’s your favourite part, and if not, why not?

Robyn Tocker: I do enjoy Halloween, but it’s definitely lost most of its appeal now that I’m older, and candy isn’t a huge incentive anymore. My favourite part now would have to be all the awesome TV specials that come on and seeing the creative costumes the kids wear. Definitely a highlight.

Troy Julé: It’s all right. I mean, the older I get the less I care, and being 21, that makes me feel incredibly old. The best part though? Eating candy and feeling like shit afterwards. I do it most days anyways, but it’s more widely, socially acceptable on Halloween, so that’s cool.

Kyle Leitch: I do. In fact, it’s my favourite holiday. One of the most intriguing things about humankind is its willingness to change attire and completely alter its personas accordingly. Halloween presents this on a fairly massive scale, and it’s mighty interesting to see people’s imaginations run amok so unanimously.

Paul Bogdan: I love Halloween. The aesthetic aspect of it is probably my favourite part – the darkness and consciously pursuing things that creep you out is interesting. Oh, and generally I get to drink too much.

What’s your Halloween costume for this year?

RT: I haven’t decided yet. Handing out Halloween candy doesn’t require a super creative costume thankfully.

TJ: I’m the type of person who leaves it to the last minute, and with the least amount of effort involved as humanly possible, all the while being barely passable as a costume. Side note: watch for this year’s most popular costume, Psy, creator of Gangnam Style. Calling it now.

KL: This year, I’m dressing up as Patrick Bateman of American Psycho fame. I’ve got a blood spattered suit/raincoat combo, and a little portable speaker that will constantly be blaring Huey Lewis and the News’ “Hip to be Square”.

PB: I’m thinking of going as Wasted Time. I’m going to dress up as a grandfather clock and get really drunk. It’s a costume that requires you to get drunk. How could this be a bad idea?

What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve worn?

RT: Hmm, I’d have to say when I was a lion as a five year old; I had the complete mane and tail going on, with paw mittens as well. It’s my favourite to this date!

TJ: For whatever reason, I was the pope when I was 13 or something. Looking back, it was the most inadvertently offensive costume possible. It was a damn good costume too, had the hat and all. Only thing missing was the glass-case shield around me.

KL: When I was four, I dressed up as The Mask. My mom fashioned me a yellow suit complete with matching fedora, and a black and white polka dotted power tie. I had the officially licensed The Mask mask, and I could be seen that Halloween spouting all sorts of catchphrases at passersby. That, or the Hunter S. Thompson costume I’ve rocked in more recent years.

PB: One year, I went as a banana. I constructed a banana suit out of coat hangers and covered it in yellow fabric. To top it off, I wore some yellow spandex, which I might add, that I looked damn good in.

What was the best thing to get when you were trick-or-treating as a kid?

RT: Aero bars are my favourite treat, so those were the best. Candy bags were cool too because it’s always a surprise to see what’s inside.

TJ: I remember this one house would give out beanie-babies every year. I’d go there every year, not because I liked beanie babies, but because I could sell that shit at school and use the money for whatever it is 10 year olds like buying. Cigarettes, probably.

KL: Easy. Those McDonald’s coupons that everyone gave out that were often expired by the time anyone managed to use them. When they weren’t expired, you could walk into McDonald’s like you owned the place, slap down a coupon, and get yourself a free Happy Meal. Childhood was badass, sometimes.

PB: Chocolate bars. Those “fun-sized” ones were good, but when you got a full-sized Oh Henry! or Crispy Crunch, it was like, “Oh shit. We partyin’ ”.

Is Halloween an excuse to wear particularly revealing clothing?

RT: For some, I think it is. Then again, when you look at the costumes available to women, it’s hard to find something that’s not revealing. That’s the main reason I hardly dress up now that I’m older.

TJ: Apparently.

KL: It shouldn’t be, but unfortunately, it is. I don’t know what marketing goon decided that every Halloween costume needed a “sexy” counterpart, but I hope that he or she (but let’s face it, he) finds razorblades in their KitKat bar this Halloween.

PB: No, and if you think it is, it’s a reflection on your person.

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