Don’t date in University


8 reasons why you shouldn’t date in University

True love / Michael Chmielewski

True love / Michael Chmielewski

As the University year begins to finally get into the swing of things, there is another side of University that everyone makes the mistake in doing: getting into a relationship.

Now, I’m not trying to scare you into staying inside your undersized dorm rooms for the entirety of your University days, just watch out for a few simple things:

1. Dorm life sucks

The beds are undersized, the rooms are undersized, and the dorms are just generally undersized, if you catch my drift. The dynamics of being in a relationship in University while you live in the dorms just ends up being awkwardly close. You end up having to get creative when it comes to sleepovers and the like, so watch out for that deathtrap.

2. Geographic inconvenience

Now, if you’re not living in the hell hole that is the dorms of the University of Regina, you probably live somewhere close to the University. This may be an issue if your partner lives in residence with all of the security reasons, and it just makes it awkward as hell with all of the roommates and drama that may ensue in the future. On the plus side, it does give you a pretty solid place to nap in between classes if needed.

 3. Don’t shit where you eat

If you do end up making the mistake we all make in University in trying to date while you’re going to school, you best be staying together until marriage, or it’s going to get awkward. The U of R is a smaller University when compared to others in Canada, which makes a simple walk down the hall turn into a shitty, awkward encounter with an ex or an old hookup. Another borderline issue that always ends up happening to the best of us is the dreaded “class with them.” You start off the semester saying, “You know what would be awesome significant other? Taking the same class together!”

 WRONG. Never do that. Because as great as it is at the start, you get into a fight or break up, and that 50-minute class ends up feeling like it is never going to end. You’ll be able to cut the tension with a knife, so just don’t do it. Don’t ever shit where you eat.

4. You don’t want to be tied down in University

Sure, it’s awesome having someone always there for you during the stressful times that are University, but do you really want to be tied down? We live in Regina, which is surprisingly a fun, young city that has a decent bar scene. You’re going to have to deal with that old saying “The grass is always greener on the other side,” which happens more than you’d expect. Every time you go out to the bar, go to class, go to the Owl, there will be temptation around every corner. You’ll either have to buck up and put the horse blinders on or suffer the wrath of a weak moment on a Wednesday night at the Owl.

Another problem of the dating game at University is if you’re dating someone not at the University, things are going to get complicated. University is a different time and your significant other will be forced into a downward spiral of jealousy. They just don’t understand the University lifestyle and what goes along with it. It just won’t work out.

5. Regular sex is good, but you’re still young

You’re here to go to class, have fun, and make memories. This is the best time of your life. Even though you’re broke as hell and survive on KD and Lucky Lager, this is truly the best time of your life. Go out there and experiment. Go make some new friends, and get yourself out there.

Sure, if you’re in a committed relationship and things work out, you’re going to get regular sex. It will be fun at the start, yet there will always be a decline. Go out there and have some fun while you still can. You can grow up later.

6. Ask yourself where is this really going

We aren’t all Marshall and Lily from How I Met Your Mother. It does happen from time to time, but chances are you’re not going to meet your soul mate on day one of University. When looking at your relationship and focusing on where you want to be in five years, most relationships have an expiry date that are in the near future.

Whether it is in the summer or after a drunken night on the town, something is most likely going to happen, and you will end up alone and not knowing what your next step is going to be.

7. The inevitable break up

If you do decide to date in University, the inevitable breakup is going to happen. And, it’s going to suck. We’ve all been there before. You go through certain stages and thoughts in which you overthink the situation you’re in, because you don’t know what’s next for yourself. You’re still in University, it’s all right to get upset and go sit in the Owl for a couple hours. The worst part about the breakup in University is the backlash.

Usually, you have the same friends, so that makes it awkward for everyone. Every little thing you do will get back to your old significant other because of how small this University really is. The breakup sucks, but looking back and realizing all that you’ve missed when you were single is the worst part.

8. Sometimes you just have to focus on school 

So, you are in University. It’s expensive, and you don’t want to waste your money. You have enough stress in your life already, is the risk really worth the award? You’re in school to get your degree. Remember that.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying don’t date in University, yet just think about your relationship status rationally when it comes to this next year.

It’s a risky thing, this dating game at the U of R. Good luck, and stay safe kids.

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