Dear Bart


Dear Barton,

I am not sure why you are so quick to defend tuition hikes. Let’s not deal with future events until they arrive – once 400 people show up for a class, we can sort out how to deal with that situation. At this time it is simply a possibility. I would add that just because URSU is undertaking certain action, they are not absolved from performing other duties. If I told a professor that I had handed in my term paper and as such felt I didn’t need to attend the final, I’m sure he would have some choice words for me. Completing part of a stated duty does not absolve anyone from performing the rest of that stated duty. I understand that criticism is unpleasant and no one particularly cares for it, especially when groundless. However, elected officials need criticism, How else do they determine what their constituents need from them?

Why, if URSU is doing such a good job, do people question the organization? I know that there will always be those that complain, but it seems that some worries and complaints are legitimate. I believe it is URSU’s job to fight for lowered tuition, not wonder what will happen if it does occur. Poll the school – how many students would say it’s not in their interest to lower tuition? Once many students, as a group, say, “No we don’t want tuition lowered!” then it is absolutely fine for URSU to forgo attempts at lowering tuition. Until then, get me some money please!

As to how busy the URSU staff are, please enlighten me as to how many campaign promises have come to fruition. I vaguely remember something about recycling and increased sustainability. Where are the solutions and options that we need? As a student I need to see changes and I don’t see them; perhaps my eyes aren’t open enough?

Now, I don’t want a re-iteration of URSU’s duties. I know it performs administrative duties that keep me as a student relatively comfortable day to day.  I’m wondering how the current executive has contributed to the enhancement of this functioning? As a student, I’d like to know which specific policies were created and enacted by the current URSU members. If there is a host of policies that have been undertaken and are making a large difference to the student population then please accept my apologies. I see no damage in URSU stating the positives they are enacting, and I certainly do not seek to decry your attempts to help the student body. I’m just wondering, what are those attempts?

I would like to add that I see no problem with the URSU staff receiving a discount at the Owl. It is fairly standard business practice to allow employees a discount on the services they have a hand in maintaining. Calling it out clouds more important issues.  Please let me make clear that I am in no way attacking anyone personally; the reason I addressed my letter to you, Bart, is simply that I read your opinion piece. I’m just wondering, what is being done?

Gabe Roywright

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