Junk Food Diet


candyCandy and chips are delicious, but they are terrible for your health

More! Give Me More!

Mars, Kit Kat, O’Henery, gummies, chips, yumm! All of the delicious sugars you can eat!

Just because you can eat them, though, doesn’t mean we should have them all the time. Yet we do! We reach for a bag of chips over an apple, we put gas in our vehicles and walk out with candy. It’s an addiction! We just can’t help it!

Why bother running to the store for fruit when the gas station with chips is closer? Because candy is delicious! Chocolate gives us sugar and instant energy that gives us that last push we need. Chips are something we can continually eat when we are bored. Many people do that, just eat and eat and eat because they are bored.

But if you are not hungry, why keep eating junk food? Why not continually eat grapes or strawberries? Don’t get me wrong, some people do, but the majority would grab the chips first. Junk food tastes good and satisfies quickly. But, in the long run, it gives you exactly what you do not want or need.

All of the chocolate has tons of sugar which, when your body doesn’t need it, is just stored away. Same with all of the sugar in gummies. All of the chips you eat contain tons of salt and sugar in them, layered on top of carbohydrates. All of that gets stored in your body if your body doesn’t need it immediately.

All of that sugar, salt, and carbs – know what it becomes? Fat, plain and simple. The more you eat of it the bigger you will get eventually, unless you’re one of those lucky people that can eat whatever they want and never gain weight.

The more candy you eat, the slower your body will get because it won’t have what it needs. Try eating as little junk food as possible for a week, and see the effect it has. I can bet it will be positive.

Raenna Gohm

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