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author: elisabeth sahlmueller | staff writer

Annoyances everywhere / Jeremy Davis

The wheels on the bus better stop

For the most part, I don’t mind taking Regina public transit because it saves me money, stress, helps the environment, and gives me time to catch up on my readings. However, this usually depends on when my bus arrives and who the passengers are:  


  1. The Crying Infant and Inattentive Parent

The most annoying sound on any bus is that of a crying or yelling infant. Even more irritating is when the parent is unaware of the angry looks from those nearby and is instead too busy on their phone to pay their child any attention. While I’m sure your social media life is important, so is your child, who is literally two feet away. It would be nice if you could put away your phone, attend to your child and please, for the sanity of everyone on the bus (myself included) please shut your baby up. 


  1. The Seat Hog

While finding an empty seat can be rare and challenging, most people are usually kind enough to move over. Unfortunately, others are unaware that the slogan one person = one seat actually applies to them. These individuals often don’t even have a bag, but somehow manage to stretch themselves out, believing that they have the right to two seats. Although some people prefer to stand rather than sit beside a stranger, other people who have a bag, or multiple would like to sit down. So to all you seat hogs, move your butt over. 


  1. The Dawdler

These are the individuals who take their sweet time entering and exiting the busthe ones who are running late and just walk to the bus, and the ones who wait until their stop before gathering up their stuff. There is a difference between moving slowly because of a physical or mobility limitation and deliberately dawdling and it is the latter which is the most frustrating. They are able to move quickly, but instead choose not to and expect everyone to wait for them. I understand that you may be tired, sick, sore or whatever your excuse of the day is, but please consider that everyone else wants to get somewhere and doesn’t want to wait for you to dawdle your way onto or off of the bus.  


  1. The Self-Talker

I’m sure everyone has talked to themselves at one point, but there is a difference between a rare occurrence and having a full out conversation with yourself. This last situation is annoying for others who happen to be sitting beside you on the bus. Are you supposed to respond or answer them? It never seems clear. So, instead, you just stare out the window or continue trying to read your textbook, and hope that each upcoming stop will be theirs, to end this uncomfortable and awkward moment. 



  1. The Smoker

I have nothing against smokers, but I do have something against the disgusting and unhealthy habit of smoking. It is extremely annoying when a smoker sits next to you on the bus because to be incredibly blunt, they stink and no matter which way you turn, you can never get a breath of fresh air. The worst part is that you are stuck. You cannot move, or ask them to move without causing a scene or appearing rude.  


  1. The Music DJ

These individuals refuse to listen to their music at a decent volume with headphones. Instead, they play their music at  the loudest possible volume and sometimes have the annoying tendency to belt out the song lyrics at the top of their lungs. Music is awesome and I, too, enjoy jamming out to my favourite tunes, but there’s a time and place for blasting your music and when surrounded by people, while riding public transit, is not one of them.  


  1. The Ignorant and Self-absorbedPassenger

The front seats of all Regina buses are dedicated as priority seating for individuals with physical or mobility limitations. However, sometimes these seats fill up and there are other passengers who fall into this category and need a seat. While most passengers willingly give up their seat, unfortunately others are so self absorbed in whatever they are doing to do so. These individuals remain completely oblivious to the old lady standing beside them and the pointed looks from others nearby. I understand that you want a seat, but when someone else enters the bus who needs a seat more than you, be considerate and give up your seat. 


  1. The Expansionist

Although someone moves over to allow you to sit down beside them, this does not mean that you should take up as much space as possible. I swear there are people who sit beside you who literally expand like those little toy animals you place in water which enlarge about three times their original size. Even though you kindly moved over to give them space, and continue to do so, to allow yourself some space, they only view this as an invitation to move close, resulting in further expansion. 


  1. The Information Broadcaster

Unfortunately, some people lack the common knowledge that not everyone is interested, or wants to know all of their life details, especially those regarding personal health or relationships. These individuals willingly and loudly inform all around them of the intimate life details, through either a conversation with a relative or friend over the phone or with another passenger on the bus. The next time you have personal information to share or discuss, please either have a quiet conversation or simply wait until you are off of the bus. 



  1. The Annoying Obnoxious Teenager

These are the individuals who try to be as annoying as possible by yelling across the bus to their friends, taking up multiple seats, leaving garbage on their seats and the floorand pulling the string just for funAlthough these individuals believe this type of behaviour makes them look cool, this is not true. Instead it makes you look immature and just irritates everyone around you.  

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