Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater


I really shouldn’t get a chuckle out of a ruined relationship, but a public solicitation to catch your cheating spouse? C’maaan. What ever happened to tried and true investigative tactics like reading texts/emails, using the Find My Friends app, or just a good ol’ fashioned stalking? While Dwight Schrute might think this is the only logical way to catch a cheating spouse, actual logic suggests there are other ways to go about this. 

Also, if this is a paid gig, and the female manages to seduce/sleep with the supposed cheating husband, would this be considered prostitution? And, as another Carillon staff member pointed out, what if they fall in love with one another? Imagine not only losing your spouse, but setting them up with the next person they’ll be with and potentially marry.

But maybe that’s what she wants. Perhaps this woman is utterly selfless (or some strange masochist matchmaker), and acknowledging the irreparable damage done to her marriage, she’s trying to set up her husband with an attractive woman he’ll either fall in love with or use as a rebound. It’s nice people like this that restore my faith in the world.

Link here for anyone not but potentially looking to get busy this weekend.


  1. petesivyga 18 August, 2012 at 23:05

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