British tories reign victorious


Britain holds the future of Europe in her hands

Author: Scott Pettigrew- contributor

David Cameron is once again Prime Minister of one of the world’s greatest nations, and the European Union is teetering on the brink of collapse next door. Ed Miliband and the Labour Party lost a war on two fronts: one to the Scottish National Party, and one to the Conservatives. Although the SNP crushed them as badly as possible, the Conservatives dealt a final deathblow in England that eliminated any possibility of a left wing SNP-Labour coalition.

The Liberal Democrats were put through the meat grinder, with the party barely holding on to existence. Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband stepped down from their roles, both of them kissing the dream of prime ministerial power goodbye forever. UKIP only won one seat, but the dark horse of Britain drew over 3.8 million votes, making the voice of that one MP carry a staggering weight. Once again, the polls were wrong. Now, Britain is staring down at the results of what may prove to be the most important election she has ever seen.

What’s funny about the British election is that it will affect the rest of the world as much or more than it affects Britain herself. Britain has made a clear choice, a choice that many polls say much of Europe will soon imitate. This choice may put an end to the socialist policies that have turned the once proud nations of Spain, Greece, Italy, and Portugal into near third-world nations. As well, Britain’s electoral results may spearhead a diversified and globalized economy, shedding the destructive ideologies of the twentieth century in the dustbin of history, where they rightfully belong – all achieving economic independence and autonomy for Europe.

Speaking of destructive 20th century ideologies, let’s have a brief chat about socialism – in particular, socialism in Europe. What we in North America don’t yet understand is that socialism isn’t a sustainable system. One of two, or both things happen with time: either taxes are raised to the point of economic destruction to pay for lavish and extensive social programs, or so much money is borrowed that the government can no longer pay interest on their debt (anyone out there with a shred of financial knowledge will understand how truly pooched this makes you). Once this point is reached, the government either enters a period of “Austerity” (a desperate attempt to cut anything and everything in order to pay the bills) or, if you’re Greece, you panhandle outside the Reichstag until Auntie Merkel gives you some spare change to hold you off until the end of the month.

So, back to the current reality in Britain. Cameron will return to kindle a blazing road towards sustainable Britain. Meanwhile, Britain will edge further and further away from the sinking ship of Europe and move closer towards the dream of true sovereignty. With an EU referendum surely on the horizon, Britain may finally sever herself from plague that is the European project. Between that and the approaching possibility of long-term economic sustainability and independence, the future of Britain is as speculative as a fútbol match. Nevertheless, only time will tell whether Cameron’s conservatives will truly drive Britain forward, or whether voters will just get more of the same.

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