Bachelor in Prairiedise: the sequel 

A 2x2 chart showing dating profiles of four men. The first, Brian, gives two thumbs-up to the camera while smiling through his glasses. The second, Keegan, poses in fishing gear with two catches of the day. The third, Brett, poses in a tank top in front of his silver truck. The fourth, David L., stands shyly with his hands in his pockets, wearing a shirt that says “MOM” with a heart instead of the letter O. 
So many douchebags, so little time… OpenClipart-Vectors via Pixabay, manipulated by Lee Lim

Get caught up on this season’s latest and greatest before cameras roll

Hello, Bachelor Nation! The long-awaited Bachelor in Prairiedise, taking place in the Canadian prairies, returns for a second season. This time around, we’re sticking to the classic Paradise structure, with eight girls and seven boys heading off to paradise in Saskatoon!  

Every night, each man will get a rose to give to a girl who they want to get to know better. No rose, no more time in paradise. And this year, right before the premiere episode, we’ll get a live recording from season one’s Avery Walker’s wedding to season one winner, Aiden B. 

But first, let’s take a look at this season’s contestants, starting with the ladies. 

Our first contestant is Emma S., 24, from Regina, Saskatchewan. Emma keeps up with all the celebrity drama and gossip, so we know she’ll be a hit in paradise. She’ll have an eye on all the pairings, and she’ll definitely be the one to watch for potential blindsides. Emma is currently a teacher and isn’t afraid to teach the people of paradise some lessons. I predict Emma will be the fan favourite on this season of Prairiedise.  

Next, we have Becca, 25, from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Becca is currently studying at nursing school to be a nurse practitioner, so you can already picture what she looks like. Becca loves to read romance novels but gets disappointed when prairie boys don’t live up to expectations, especially when her type is mullets and mustaches. Becca loves to spend time outdoors, and her 30-step skin routine that she needs to do twice a day every day reflects that. She went through a ‘skater girl’ phase in high school and will never live it down. 

Meet Brooklynn, 23, from Regina, Saskatchewan. She’s a professional rodeo trick rider and says her hidden talent is two-stepping. She only dates country boys, but somehow gets disappointed whenever every single one of them ends up racist, homophobic, and sexist. Her favourite food is breakfast burritos, and when we asked her how to make them, she didn’t mention any seasoning for the eggs at all. She was arrested in 2018, but won’t tell us what for. Maybe that’s why, if she could have a superpower, it would be teleporting. 

Now, we have Cassidy, 26, from Forget, Saskatchewan. Cassidy currently teaches second grade. She says she isn’t afraid to be silly. She’s just so random! And that’s all she told us, but she did ask for the height of every man in this season. 

Elizabeth is 22 and in her last year of university at the U of R for early childhood education. Elizabeth spends every weekend partying with her friends at Gabbo’s, and no one’s ever tried to stab her – lucky Elizabeth! She hasn’t paid for tequila shots since she turned 19. She has matching tattoos with three previous partners. She drives a stick shift, and you’ll never forget that she drives a stick shift because she won’t let you. 

Our next contestant is Hailey, 24, from Calgary, Alberta. She claims she is the master of charcuterie boards, and her Pinterest proves it. Sometimes she talks in a British accent just for fun! Hailey loves rom-coms, and she wants to have her rom-com moment in Prairiedise. She currently works as a receptionist and has tried to force-meet cutes several times. 

Next, meet Lyndsey, 24, from Lumsden, Saskatchewan. She will be very upset if you misspell her name. She got a tattoo at 16 that arguably looks very bad, but she will never admit it. She competes across Canada in pageants, and she will never let you forget every little win she’s ever had. She models, but definitely doesn’t make enough for a living, even though she says she does. She’s on the cover of several magazines that you’ve never heard of and cannot find. If her blush looks a little off, pretend you don’t see it. 

Our last female contestant is Brooke from Brandon, Manitoba. Brooke is 24, works in forensic psychology, is hard-working, and loves to follow TikTok trends. She’s fun-loving and isn’t afraid to take on challenges, including Prairiedise. She’s always ready to sing some Disney classics. We can already see Brooke becoming a fan favourite for her down-to-earth personality. 

Our first guy is Clayton, 23, from Regina, Saskatchewan. Clayton practically lives at the gym. He has been accused several times of taking steroids, but he hasn’t admitted it. His last four girlfriends broke up with him because he cheated on them, so he’s perfect for Prairiedise. 

Daniel, 26, from Edmonton, Alberta works as a firefighter. His special interest is aliens. He genuinely believes aliens exist. He’s been to Roswell, New Mexico 103 times. He knows about every single unidentified flying object that has ever flown over Canada. When we asked him if he had an alien hidden in his basement, he just laughed and would not give us a straight answer. Help, we think Daniel kidnapped an alien, and we don’t know where he lives or if the alien will be fed while he’s in Prairiedise. 

Next up is…Ford F150? Wait, is that a mistake? No? You asked him what his name was, and he said Ford F150? Alright then. Ford F150’s favourite thing is…his Ford F150? Well, that makes sense. When we asked him what his hobbies were, he said spending time in his Ford F150. We tried to ask where he was from, and he just said Ford F150. Tune in to see if we learn Ford F150’s real name. 

Aiden C., 26, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is up next. He eats an entire watermelon every single day. His least favourite things are frogs and doing his own laundry. He travels home every week to get his mom to do his laundry. He said his job is a ‘pizzapreneur’ because he loves pizza so much. 

Meet Spencer, 31, from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He’s a carpenter and loves woodworking. For fun, he goes into Shoppers Drug Marts and smells all the perfumes. He knows the difference between vanilla and vanilla sugar. He will try to smell you so he can tell you exactly what you smell like. He is very insistent on smelling you. 

Connor B., 27, is from Regina, Saskatchewan. His secret talent is eating cereal faster than anyone and quoting every single line of every Fast and Furious movie when you watch it. He loves Joe Rogan but pretends he doesn’t know who Rogan is. He works as a truck driver. Maybe he’ll make friends with Ford F150. 

And finally, rounding out our cast is James, 20, from North Battleford, Saskatchewan. He works as a…a skin salesman. Okay, moving on. When we met with James, he just stood in a corner staring at us, and then when we tried to turn away he would come up behind one of us and stand really close without saying a word. Thanks, James. 

And that’s our cast! Are you as excited as we are for this season of Bachelor in Prairiedise? Start making your bets now as to who will couple up and who will end up married by the end of the season! Until next season, Bachelor Nation! 


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