U of R club successfully plans Banff trip

A skier jumps off a ramp, doing a flip mid-air with the orange bottoms of their skis in full view.
You’ll flip for this trip. Damond Wagner

Whether you ski, snowboard, or you prefer to stay warm in the lodge, it’s quite the opportunity 

by campbell stevenson, contributor

An earlier version of this article was published in INK. 

New to Canada, Zuhruf Zarooq is thrilled to be going skiing for the first time with the University of Regina Ski and Board Club. “I came to Canada in 2021, at the height of the pandemic. I’ve been planning to go skiing because you have to go skiing if you come to Canada,” said Zarooq. 

“I’m really excited to go skiing, this will be my first time out of Saskatchewan. I’m kind of nervous, I hope I don’t break any bones,” he mentioned before the trip. Zarooq expresses great admiration for the Ski and Board Club members for providing this opportunity. “I’m grateful to the U of R ski club for making one of my dreams come true.” 

The University of Regina Ski and Board Club has collected over $40,000 to travel to Banff, Alberta, in order to offer a unique experience on some of Canada’s most beloved slopes. At the time of writing there were 92 people listed to attend this trip to the Sunshine Ski Resort, which occurred during reading week. 

The U of R Ski and Snowboard Club organizes budget-friendly excursions for students to travel to the mountains to learn and ski. This is the first time the club has fully organized a trip on their own. “I was surprised that we ended up with 92 people. It’s one of the bigger trips that the university has done,” said Damond Wagner, club president. 

“It makes me enthusiastic that we can facilitate this opportunity for U of R students,” said Solstice Morrell, executive assistant. For the U of R Ski and Board Club, this type of event far surpasses just a ski trip. 

“Fostering a social, positive student community. Having people actively engaged and participating with a portion of the school. We’re not the Ski and Snowboard club, we’re the U of R Ski and Board club,” said club vice-president Aidan McMahon. 

“We really wanted to stay with local sponsors, we used Sunshine and Ski who are providing discounts for students on ski rentals. Prairie Summit will also be providing us with gifts as well,” said Wagner. The total cost of the trip ranges from $450-$750 depending on how many people will share the same accommodations, as well as the equipment they may need. 

Campus life co-ordinator at the University of Regina Students’ Union Danish Hasan took great interest in the club after realizing it was about more than just a ski trip. “I did look at this as a more recreational club activity,” said Hasan. “But the whole club really opened my eyes because I did not realize that so many international students wanted to join and participate and do something they’ve never done before.” 

“There’s a lot that goes behind building a club,” Hasan continued. “I think that the people going might not see, but Damond and all those guys were there when I asked them to be there. I’m very proud of what they’ve created.”  

When discussing what a club requires in order to be eligible for sponsoring at the University, Hasan added that “every student is treated equally and fairly. I want to make sure there are as many adventures and opportunities as possible.”  

He summed up his sole purpose as to remove “diversion and discrimination, and bring everyone together and enjoy something.” Hasan added that “The ski and board club did exactly that.”  

Keep watch in the coming weeks for a follow-up piece on this Banff reading week ski and board trip. 


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