5 Worst Comic Book Adaptations


   From Batman & Robin to Superman, these adaptations didn't work

 1. Batman & Robin – All flash, no substance. Schwarzenegger got paid something like $180,000/word for this clunker. I have a hard time imagining Chris O’Donnell as a teenager.

2. X3: The Last Stand – Ditching Bryan Singer for Brett Ratner turned a really viable franchise into a complete shit-show. They Killed Cyclops, Professor X, and scores of other great characters. When the bad guy is Angel’s dad, you’ve made a bad movie.

3. Punisher – Tom Jane was okay, but John Travolta? Am I supposed to be scared of this tubby little man? Punisher: War Zone is the ultra-violent heartless massacre this movie should have been.

4. The Walking Dead – “DON’T YOU GO OUT THERE ALONE, RICK! PEOPLE HERE DEPEND ON YOU!” (Rick voice) “BUT BABY I HAVE TO!!” repeat for four seasons.

5. Superman – Five attempts, five misses. Reeve pulling the big “S” off his shirt and throwing it at somebody? No. Just no. Let’s hope that Zach Synder can get it right next year.

Neil Adams
Advertising Manager

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