Participants: braden dupuis, autumn mcdowell, michael chmielewski, paige kreutzwieser

Rams players Stefan Charles and Jorgan Hus both signed NFL free agent contracts this summer. Do you think we will see either of them suit up with their new teams in the near future?

Hus (41) loves the Rams, both Regina and St. Louis /Jarret Crowe

Hus (41) loves the Rams, both Regina and St. Louis /Jarret Crowe


Dupuis: I think it’s possible that we see Stefan’s big, meaty frame pounding the piss out of something in the near future, yes. That something may be the bench, but still.

Chmielewski: I really do hope so, but ultimately it’s up to them. Obviously, the Titans and the Rams saw some potential in these two players, but now they’ll have to work harder than ever to show that they have what it takes to play in the NFL.

Kreutzwieser: When the Leafs win the cup? I kid. Them suiting up would be legen – wait for it – dary!

McDowell: I would highly doubt it. Wow, that was slightly rude of me, but that’s just the realist in me speaking out. I can’t control it. To be honest, I am rather puzzled by the fact that Hus wasn’t picked up until the fourth round of the CFL draft, yet signed a deal in the NFL. I wouldn’t be surprised if Charles was given a practice roster spot with the Titans but I have my doubts of either of them suiting up in a regular season game in the NFL anytime soon.

Recently, Hockey Canada announced that bodychecking would be taken out of pee wee hockey. What do you think of this decision?

Dupuis: It’s unfortunate. There’s nothing I like seeing more than ignorant little shits getting their brains turned to mush. All kidding aside, I don’t really have an opinion on this. They’re trying to make the game safer for everyone, but it could be a sign of what’s to come in terms of fighting at the pro level.

Chmielewski: I think it’s a great idea. It won’t make players softer by any means, and at that age they should be learning the fundamentals of the game and also teamwork. Checking and physical play can come later on.

Kreutzwieser: Checking should be taken out of music festivals where some drunk guy dislocates your knee and you have to rock a wicked cool full leg splint for the entire summer. Welcome to my life. I feel I’m just as fragile and breakable as those little pee wee’s so, it must be a good decision?

McDowell: I don’t like it. They claim that it is for their safety but kids need to learn early on in their playing careers that hitting is a skill. They also need to learn this skill early to avoid unnecessary injuries from taking or delivering hits inappropriately. I’m disappointed in you, Hockey Canada.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have continued to make many roster moves this summer. Which one have you liked the least?


Dupuis: The fact that greasy-hands Getzlaf is probably still a starter. Who knows? Maybe he’ll bounce back this year. Maybe some of John Chick’s magic diabetes-strength will get into Getzlaf’s Gatorade.

Chmielewski: I’ll be honest, I’m not that huge of a Rider fan to even name one of these roster moves without Google. So I won’t pretend to know. I’m the kind of fan that likes to go to the occasional game, and probably watch any playoff games the team may play.

Kreutzwieser: The decision I like the least is the decision I made to not look into season tickets. McDowell: Getting rid of Tristan Jackson was rather annoying. I don’t like the idea of Dressler returning punts. That’s just asking for him to get hurt. Guaranteed, whoever picks up Jackson, he will return a punt for a touchdown within the first five games; meanwhile Dressler suffers a career ending injury. Please God, no.

Former Regina Pats head coach Pat Conacher has resigned with still one year remaining on his contract. Did this surprise you?


Dupuis: Not really. If I was coaching that team last year I probably would have resigned too.

Chmielewski: What surprises me more is his name. How can he not be Pat’s coach for the rest of his life! He was obviously foreordained for the job from birth!

Kreutzwieser: It’s summer time. Do we really care that much about WHL during summer? No, not really. Or should I? I despise these hockey questions. I promise you, my responses will not get any better.

McDowell: I was very surprised. I liked what Conacher was doing with the Pats and I thought the combination of him and Chad Lang was a good one to have in the organization.The rumour mill is swirling that he has had AHL and NHL coaching offers, I hear the New York Rangers have an opening.

With just four teams remaining in the race for the Stanley Cup, who do you think will eventually raise Lord Stanley?


Dupuis: Blah. Anyone but Boston, please. At this point, I’m not cheering for any one team, but I would like to see Iggy get his cup, so let’s hope the Pens take it.

Chmielewski: My money is on the Penguins. I wanted Ottawa to win that series, because I wanted a Canadian team to win the Cup after my team blew it and got swept. I’m happy with the Pens winning, though. Iginla and the team deserve the Cup.

Kreutzwieser: I hope Chicago does, only because I know a videographer for Hockey Night In Canada who is following the Blackhawks and I hope he gets the chance to finally “win” the cup. That’s how much I care about playoffs.

McDowell: Obviously, my loyalty is with the Pittsburgh Penguins, so I have to go with them and their bolstering roster. I do hope that Iginla finally wins a Cup, even though he has done dick all for the Penguins post trade. Also, I hate Boston, and their fans, so getting past the Bruins and onto the Cup final would be a sweet victory in itself.

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