Wee Arts Roundtable


junos2013_01Paul Bogdan, Michael Chmielewski, Kyle Leitch

1. Do you pay attention to the JUNOs? Will you this year because they are in Regina?

PB: I generally don’t, but I saw there were a few acts I enjoy on the nominee list, and not to mention I’ll be covering the JUNOs for the Carillon, so I’ll be paying attention this year for those reasons.
MC: No, and no I won't. I think it's good that they're in Regina this year, that's pretty cool.
KL: Not generally, but I too am working for the JUNOs this year, so I should probably start.

2. Who would you like to see win some awards? Who do you hope goes home empty-handed?

PB: I don’t care as long as I get some red-carpet selfies.
MC: I'd like to see The Sheepdogs win some awards, I dig those guys. I hope Bieber goes home empty-handed. What he wore when he received the Diamond Jubilee Medal made me lose more respect for him then I thought possible. Punk.
KL: I would be all right if the Sheepdogs won something. Ditto for Deep Dark Woods. Other than that, I really don’t wish for anyone to not win, I guess.

3. Is there anyone not on the list of nominees that you think should be?

PB: Tons of the people on the JUNOfest roster could be.
MC: I can't really think of anyone.
KL: For the amount of artists attending JUNOfest events, there seems to be a pretty shallow pool of actual nominees.

4. Will you be going to any of the JUNOfest shows?

PB: This is probably the best thing about the whole JUNO ordeal, even if most of the bands I’m planning to see are from this city. Good music is always good times.
MC: No.
KL: Unlikely, I’m afraid. If I get the chance to attend, I’ll gladly go, but it’s more likely I’ll be working.

5. Is there a place for awards shows in art?

PB: I don’t know. It’s nice to recognize good works (not that all awards shows do), but what I like is the events leading up to it that do showcase a lot of solid musical talent.
MC: I think there is for sure, it's just a matter of how it's done. Whether or not the JUNOs are done well I can't really tell you.
KL: I suppose so. It always seems to help artists out when their work is recognized.

Photo courtesy of junoawards.ca

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