Sports Roundtable – March 28


[3A]WhatthepuckjetsCougars and Rams put their gear away for another season

Braden Dupuis, Kris Klein, Britton Gray, Autumn McDowell

What was your favourite U of R sports moment this year?

Dupuis: The Rams’ season pretty much had it all: big plays, huge hits, comebacks and upsets, but in the end I’ve got to go with the women’s b-ball team hosting nationals. The atmosphere was unreal, and it was great to see that many fans come out to support Cougars athletics.

Klein: I’ve got to say that my favorite U of R sports moment was the playoff soccer game against the much-hated University of Saskatchewan. It had it all, pink onezies, dance, crying girls, terrible refs and an epic finish that you could only be a part of to understand.

Gray: My favourite moment of the school year was seeing the Cougars perform at the CIS championship. While they didn’t win, it sure was exciting to watch.

McDowell: Seeing teams actually make the playoffs this year was great, but I think as a single moment, the semi-final game of the CIS women’s basketball championships was awesome. Everyone was drunk and having fun, with hilarious “overrated” chants. Not to mention, we won that game, and I got to enjoy it with some good company.

Which mascot do you like better: Reggie or Rampage? Life or death, pick one.

Dupuis: Rampage wins based on name alone. ‘Reggie’ sounds like the name of a creepy old pedophile. Come to think of it, Reggie sure does spend a lot of time hugging small children. I’m also pretty sure I saw him masturbating at the CIS Championships the other weekend. I’m onto you, Reggie.

Klein: A cougar or a ram? Well in the animal kingdom a cougar could very well kill a ram. But a ram could also stick its foot up a cougar’s ass and send him packing so I’m going to say both are awesome. And if I get in trouble for saying ass in the school paper I think I might lose it.

Gray: I’ve gotta go with Rampage. The man has the sicker name though, but in a prison rules fight I think Reggie would manage to win that one.

McDowell: I really like the look of Rampage, what with his little horns and hooves and whatnot. However, as far as performance, the choice is easy and Reggie wins hands down. Reggie has much better dance moves, I think he might shake his booty better than I do, which is saying something. All Rampage does is flex. The first time it was funny, by the eighth time, I was ready to rip his head off. Also, secretly I have always wanted to be the mascot.

The Stanley Cup hasn’t been on Canadian soil since the Montreal Canadiens won their 24th Cup in 1993. Do you think the Stanley Cup will finally be back in Canada this year?

Dupuis: Twenty years removed from their last Stanley Cup victory, the Montreal Canadiens bring the cup home to Canada after disposing of the Blackhawks in five games, and I proceed to party naked in the streets. You heard it here first.

Klein: This is too tough to call, to be honest. Winnipeg is starting to come together; Montreal came out of nowhere and surprised us all. Vancouver is as good as always. It’s too tough to call right now. The only thing I’m concerned about is Iginla getting traded to the Bruins so he can finally win his Stanley Cup.

Gray: I don’t see it happening this year, with the way the Ducks and Blackhawks have been playing, I see it going to one of them.

McDowell: I’m going to go with a resounding no. Chicago looks so dominant, almost too dominant, and they are probably setting themselves up for a first-round upset loss. While I do think the Jets will make the playoffs, they are hardly championship worthy. All that said, go Pens!

What is your favourite sport to do in the summer? Yes, beer darts is a sport.

Dupuis: It’s a toss-up between horseshoes and croquet. I like anything that I can play while drinking copious amounts of beer and exerting a minimal amount of energy. Honourable mention goes to swinging leisurely back and forth in a hammock.

Klein: Well since I get in trouble for EVERYTHING I say in the Carillon I can’t technically say beer darts. So I’m going to go with summer hockey. I cannot go without playing hockey for more than a couple months before I go crazy. And yes, summer hockey is considered a summer sport every though its indoors.

Gray: Beer darts and beer pong are the way to go, especially on those hot summer nights. For those sport purists out there, beer league softball is always a good choice.

McDowell: I’m always up for a rousing game of catch; football, not baseball, obviously. Little do you people know that I have a killer arm and was once the quarterback of my co-ed touch football team. I also played receiver and caught the first touchdown of the season. Football: Teacher, mother, secret lover.

The Regina Red Sox have won back-to-back WMBL championships. Do you think they can make it a three-peat this year?

Dupuis: There it is. The last roundtable question I’ll ever have to dodge due to a severe lack of interest or usable knowledge. How should I approach it? An irrelevant, profanity-laced rant? A self-deprecating non-sequitor? A half-assed movie pitch starring Kobe Bryant? Any of those would do, but it appears I’m out of room. You’ll just have to use your imaginations, friends.

Klein: Well they’d better, because the goal of mine this year is to actually go and watch a couple games. Go support our Red Sox, people, if your willing to spend $20 to go watch the Pats lose you can cough up $12 to $15 to go watch some championship baseball.

Gray: Yes, they have proven time and time against that they are the best team in the league and should have no problem winning a championship again.

McDowell: Yes, I believe they will. Probably the best thing going for this team is that only two of its members are actually from Regina. Most of them are college ball players, and the vast majority are not Canadians, which according to the players last year, the less Canadians, the better. Yay, for the Canadian baseball program.

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