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URSU back at it again / jeremy davis

More developments from the students’ union

The University of Regina Students’ Union [URSU] is currently amidst a lengthy process of ratifying a president. As the Carillon has previously reported, there has been a considerable amount of controversy around the seat.

Sukhdeep Brar was disqualified from the presidential race for yet unknown reasons and the runner-up candidate, Shawn Wiskar, is currently awaiting ratification, now running on almost a month since the end of the election period.

URSU minutes from Nov. 15 stated that URSU would “request quotes from four lawyers . . . to complete a third-party investigation.”

This lawyer was to be hired as of Nov. 21. As of the writing of this article, the Carillon has not received word as to which lawyer was hired.

Additionally, the Carillon received an email from URSU General Manager, Carl Flis, that relayed executive attendance records as per motions passed at the URSU AGM.

The email is a table spreadsheet that simply states “worked the minimum number of total hours” and “worked the minimum number of required hours in office” in the vertical columns, with the names of the executives in the horizontal columns.

The report, dated for the month of October, states that Vice-President Student Affairs and acting President, Jermain McKenzie, met neither the minimum total nor minimum office hours.

Vice-President Operations and Finance, Derrick Gagnon, is marked as having met both the minimum total and the minimum office hours.

Now former Vice-President External Affairs, Heather O’Watch, is marked as not having met the minimum total nor the minimum office hours.

The Carillon will continue to provide updates on the situation at URSU as the news develops.

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