Five Must See Movies this Holiday Season


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It’s a miracle / 20 Century Fox

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Christmas has always been my absolute favourite holiday. As a typical child, I always looked forward to opening my presents and rooting through my stocking on Christmas morning. However, now that I am older, I enjoy the holiday season much more than Christmas Day itself. There is nothing I enjoy more than spending time with my mom and brother driving around looking at Christmas lights, decorating our tree, listening to Christmas music, drinking lots of Eggnog and, of course, watching some great Christmas movies. This holiday season, I hope that everyone can take a break and sit back with a nice tall glass of eggnog and watch some, or all, of these terrific Christmas movies.

1. Miracle on 34th Street: (1994 remake of the 1947 film)

“I Believe”

Dorey Walker is a hardworking, cynical, single mother, who much to the dismay of her neighbor, Brian Bedford, has raised her six-year-old daughter, Susan, to share a similar skepticism. However, Susan’s disbelief in Santa Clause is challenged after her mother hires Mr. Kris Kringle as Coles’ 34th Street department store Santa Claus. The more time Susan spends with Mr. Kringle, the more she questions whether he is Santa. Not only does he appear the part, with his real beard and genuine-looking suit, but he also tries his best to ensure the happiness of the children, whether that is by telling parents where they can get the best deals for the toys their children want, or signing with a deaf child. As a result, Susan decides to test him by asking him for three things she has always really wanted, with the justification that if she gets these things Christmas morning, he really is Santa. Unfortunately, Mr. Kringle’s success as Santa creates jealousy from Coles’ main competition Shoppers Express, which leads to an unfortunate event putting him in jail. Despite this minor setback, Mr. Kringle is able to convince not just Susan and her mother, but also all of New York, to believe.

2. Borrowed Hearts: (1997)

“It’s my Dollhouse”

While out driving around admiring the Christmas lights one night, Zoe and her single mom, Kathleen Russel, accidentally stumble into an expensive looking house which Zoe initially believes is her dollhouse. However, it is actually the house of Kathleen’s boss, Sam Fields, owner of Fields Industry. Despite this mistake Zoe and Kathleen agree to pretend to be his daughter and wife in order for him to impress the wealthy investor, Javier Del Campo. Although Sam tries to convince Del Campo that he is a family man, this is a challenge because Sam is used to his single lifestyle and is not used to sharing his space. However, this changes as the three spend time together. By the time the charade is up, not only does Sam realize that love and family are more important than work, but it becomes clear that Zoe and Kathleen stumbling into his house was no simple coincidence.

3. The Santa Clause: (1999)

“Seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing”

Charlie’s disappointment over having to spend Christmas Eve with his father, Scott Calvin, changes when Santa Claus falls off the roof of Scott’s house.  While Scott just wants to go back inside and pretend this never happened, Charlie convinces him to put on Santa’s suit and see what happens. Once his father does this, he takes on Santa’s responsibilities as him and Charlie spend the rest of the night delivering presents to children all over the world, finally ending up at the North Pole. Although Scott is told that because of what happened he must become the next Santa, he does not want to. Throughout the year, Scott desperately attempts to change the situation. Unfortunately for him, this does not work. No matter how many times he cuts his beard, or loses weight, both the hair and pounds come right back. Additionally, Charlie’s mom, Laura, and stepfather, Neil, become worried about Charlie because he constantly talks about the North Pole and practices driving Santa’s sleigh. However, in the end, Charlie, Scott, Laura and Neil are forced to face a reality that changes their lives forever.

4.The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: (2008)

“If you ask me, you are doing Christmas all wrong”

When Jen and her son Brian go to the airport to pick up her favourite Uncle Ralph, they are introduced to Morgan Derby, a man who Ralph recently met. Even though Jen is excited to see Uncle Ralph, she is not pleased when Morgan’s connecting flight is cancelled due to the bad weather, and Uncle Ralph convinces her to let Morgan stay with them for one night, which extends as the rough weather continues. During Morgan’s stay, not only does he successfully annoy her neighbour, but he also creatively helps get Brian the number one toy on his Christmas wish list. While Ralph, Brian and even Jen enjoy having Morgan around, his presence invokes jealousy in Jen’s boyfriend, Richard. In the end, Jen must choose between Richard, a successful, but dull individual, or Morgan, a man who has shown her how to enjoy Christmas again.

5. Christmas Magic: (2011)

“It’s strange, I feel more alive now, than I did when I was alive.”

After workaholic Carrie Blackford disregards the advice about being safe on the road, she ends up in a tragic car accident. Instead of going to heaven as she expected, she is first sent to help Scott Walker, single father and struggling restaurant owner. Initially, this is an easy task because Carrie was a successful event planner. Not only does Carrie help Scott with his store by getting him to take a risk with his menu choices, a move which brings in a lot more customers, but she also helps him with his younger daughter, Abby. In the short amount of time Carrie spends with Scott and Abby, she develops a strong bond with them and also begins to fall in love with Scott. Even though he feels the same way for Carrie, he initially denies it. However, once Scott learns the truth about Carrie’s situation, he finally decides to act on his feelings.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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