URSU president chills for charity


Addison among many who took the icy plunge

Lauren Golosky

After the week of the Canadian Federation of Students Referendum, URSU President Kyle Addison really needed to chill out.

The students’ union president was one of the many participants who jumped into ice cold water at the Chillin’ for Charity event on Nov. 5. The event took place at Scarth Street Mall in efforts to raise money for Postmedia’s Raise-a-Reader.

“It was super warm,” joked Addison after his dive. “It was like jumping into a hot tub.”

The URSU president took a humorous approach to the jump in the frigid pool, wearing a clown wig and leopard printed tights.

“They asked me to jump right after the referendum was done so I did some last minute fundraising attempts.”

Addison was approached to jump by the JDC West team and was able to personally raise 450 dollars for Raise-a-Reader, something that he believes everyone should feel passionate about.

“It’s a collected amount of money that goes towards funding children in need to be able to read and to be able to be educated,” he explained. “It’s one of those charities that you can’t say no to.”

Unlike Addison, who was approached and given the opportunity to jump, all JDC West team members have to participate. Lee Evans, from the Entrepreneurship team, said that everyone had to collect pledges then dive into the ice-cold water.  Although he couldn’t disclose how much money was raised, he said that the goal of the team was to raise $25,000 dollars.

Addison, however, wasn’t the only guest appearance seen at the lively event. Two staffers from Global Regina were also among the people who leapt into the chilly pool.  Two members from the University of Saskatchewan’s JDC West organizing committee also made an appearance at the event, and the announcers prompted the audience to pledge their jumps. After one generous man donated 50 dollars, the committee members from Saskatoon took the plunge pantless.

The announcers were able to rouse those passing by to donate, bargaining with the audience in order to produce crazier stunts – like those who took the leap would jump without pants or do a belly flop. Spirits were high and everyone, including Addison, remained in good humour despite the chilliness.

“I’m pretty sure I can’t have children now.”

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