URSU exec tenders resignation

Here we go again. Courtesy of URSU – Manipulation by Jeremy Davis

Third in 16 months to leave their post

Fifty or sixty years ago (or less, who knows) there was a show called Murphy Brown, and one of the running jokes on Murphy Brown was that Murphy never had a receptionist last longer than a few weeks. Some were there for a single episode, others hung in a little longer, but eventually, for whatever reason, Murphy would find herself hunting for a new assistant once more. She hemorrhaged receptionists like, well, like URSU hemorrhages executives.

Obviously, I’m being a little unfair here – Murphy Brown went off the air a mere two decades ago – but URSU has indeed seen the resignation of their third executive in less than a year and a half (roughly the equivalent of two seasons of Murphy Brown). On Jan. 2 (although the campus community was not informed until a press release on Jan. 8), URSU’s Board of Directors accepted the resignation of Vice President Operations and Finance Muhammad Usman Khan. Khan’s resignation comes 14 months after the resignation of former Vice President External Affairs Heather O’Watch, and 16 months after the resignation of past President Haris Khan.

According to URSU President Victor Oriola, Usman Khan’s resignation was “very amicable resignation and not a resignation birthed out of any controversy or disagreements with execs or the board,” which is a tremendous relief, but also a heartbreaker for anyone who wanted to be treated once again to Jaecy Bells’ most excellent illustration “Another Ruckus.”

“The executives and the board have worked in harmony,” said Oriola.

Oriola confirmed that there would be no by-election until the general election in the spring. In the meantime, Vice President External Affairs Karminder Singh has been appointed the new executive signing authority by the board.

“There are just some circumstances that arise that we cannot control or mitigate for that are beyond us and it is testament to the stability we have this year at the students’ union that a circumstance we could not have possibly foreseen has arisen and we have been able to take it in our strides and adjust as necessary,” Oriola said.

The student union president added that while there was certainly a “difficulty that comes with having less than the full complement of executives,” URSU is “confident that we will be able to cope between now and the installation of a new VP of Operations and Finance on May 1.” Which I’m sure is true, since they’ve done this all before.

While performance reviews for all execs are upcoming, Oriola said that Khan had not been asked any questions pertaining to performance before his resignation as the reviews are not yet underway. According to executive attendance reports, Khan only failed to meet the required number of in office hours once, in November 2019. (Someone might want to check on Singh though, he’s only worked the minimum required total hours expected of executive committee members two of the seven months between May and November). Usman Khan declined to comment for this story.

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