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Brett Neilsen

For whom the bell tolls

Sexual Assault Services Leadership Forum 

Sexual Assault Services of Saskatchewan [SASS] are holding their annual leadership forum on Feb. 6-7 at the Ramada Hotel. 

In a press release they state that “SASS’ vision is to be the provincial leader for coordinating, collaborating and capacity building in creating a province that is free of sexual violence for all.” 

The press release also cites some harrowing statistics. 

“Saskatchewan has one of the highest rates of sexualized violence in Canada; 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men experience some form of sexual abuse or assault within their lifetime.” 

The goal of the forum is to “provide the opportunity to share sexual violence education, awareness and prevention resources to service providers and community members across the province,” and “develop sustainable community education programming, as well as enhance the dialogue regarding the issue of sexual violence in the province,” according to their Executive Director, Kerrie Isaac. 


Third Annual Elders’ Gathering 

The First Nations University of Canada is hosting the Third Annual Elders’ Gathering  Feb. 16-17. 

With a theme of Indigenous Languages being chosen, a related press release says that “resident and guest Elders from across the province will share their knowledge, stories, teachings, and practices.” 

The gathering in Saskatoon took place on Jan. 21 and included events such as “Social Work Culture Camp and Traditional Teachings,” and “Why Can’t We All Speak Our Language?” 

The gathering is free to attend for anyone, however, pre-registration is required.  


Former University of Regina student searches for kidney donor.  

Former University of Regina student Lacey Euteneier is currently searching for a kidney donor as a result of her kidney disease. In a Jan. 17 Facebook post the carillon was directed to by Euteneier, she shared some of the requisite details with the public 

” A few years ago I was diagnosed with kidney disease as a side effect of my type one diabetes. Recently I have progressed into stage 5, or end stage renal failure, and as a result I am starting the treatment process. One option for treatment is transplant, whether that be by live donor or deceased.” 

” My transplant team’s vision for my treatment is to find a live donor to drastically cut the wait time down and for me to avoid dialysis. To increase my chances of finding a donor I am reaching out through social media to hopefully find someone willing and able to be my match! 

In a following comment she confirms that her blood type is O+ and so a donor would come  from any O Type. Her post also details the process for those who are willing and able to help. 

“If you’ve ever thought about organ donation, have any questions regarding the matter or are interested in becoming my potential donor, please call Craig Schmidt, Transplant Coordinator, at (306) 766-6477. Please feel free to share and spread the word!” 


President Timmons named to national advisory committee on gendered violence on university campuses. 

As first shared on, as part of new federal government efforts, an advisory committee has been formed to combat gender-based violence on university campuses and the University of Regina’s President, Dr. Vianne Timmons, has been named to the group.  

The Honourable Maryam Monsef, Minister for Women and Gender Equality had much to say in the release about the importance of this new body.  

“”Going off to college or university is a significant time in our lives. Parents and students alike plan for this important milestone, expecting personal growth and professional opportunities in return for their significant investments. Currently, there is no national framework to prevent something no parent or student should experience. Despite the work done to date, the staggering rates of sexual violence on Canadian campuses remain. That’s why our government is working with an advisory council of survivors, students and partners across the country to ensure the safety of Canada’s youth while they complete their studies.” 

Twenty nine members were named to the council and their work will impact cross-Canada policy. The Carillon will report more on Dr. Timmons’ involvement in the coming weeks.  

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