It’s football season

Participants: Taylor Sockett, Kris Klein, Paige Kreutzwieser, Matt Wincherauk

#15, where’s your helmet? /Arthur Ward

#15, where’s your helmet? /Arthur Ward

1.True rookie quarterback Noah Picton shocked everyone and led the Rams to a come-from-behind victory over the visiting Manitoba Bisons in pre-season action. Do you think Picton should get the start this year, or should the highly touted Cayman Shutter be in the pocket?

Sockett: Not trying to take anything away from Noah Picton and what he has accomplished, however, the fact that he was playing in the later stages of a preseason game means he wasn’t playing the Bisons top defensive players. Shutter has the experience; he transferred from a notable football school, and understands what its like to get hit by the big boys. Picton should play on short yardage and in garbage time to build his skill set.

Klein: If this Picton kid continues his hot play, then they should play him. Why did I call him kid? He’s probably older than I am.

Kreutzwieser: If you can beat that irritating Bisons team, then I think you deserve a shot at starting. They are so annoying. Well, I guess it’s more their obnoxious fans and their stupid cowbells. Go home Manitoba, you’re drunk.

Wincherauk: A hell of a comeback for Picton, but that was the preseason, and I’m definitely more inclined to take the guy with a ton of college experience. Give me Shutter to start, and Picton to sit back and learn for at least at least a year.

Lang: I don’t think that Picton should start. He obviously had an incredible game, but the preseason is the preseason. He was playing against a weak defence and no offense to Picton, other defences he’ll face in the season will be tougher. I think a year as backup or even a year as a red shirt will help his game as he’ll have more time after to start. Shutter will be here for a year and he will likely declare for the CFL draft. Shutter is the present and Picton is the future.

2. In honor of the Labour Day Classic, what is your favourite moment between the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Saskatchewan Roughriders?

Sockett: Brace yourselves because I’m going all the way back to last years banjo bowl. After clobbering the bombers 52-0 the week before, the Riders found themselves poised to lose to their bitter rivals in the late stages of the game. However, in true Bomber fashion the Gold and Blue found a way to mess that up as well. Winnipeg’s coach Tim Burke opted to punt from Saskatchewan’s 36-yard line with 37 seconds remaining, instead of kicking a field goal. This set up a last minute Rider field goal and victory, giving me an opportunity to harass every Manitoban from the stadium to my bus.

Klein: My favourite moment of the LDC was Kerry Joesph’s game winning touchdown run. That is, until my favourite moment is replaced this year, for I will actually be in the stands.

Kreutzwieser: That time my friends and I travelled to the Peg for the Banjo Bowl and while grabbing stuff at a dollar store, we go back outside to only find our windows smashed. Yeah, that was a great moment and a super fun drive home. Screw you Winnipeg.

Wincherauk: I have troubles remembering a lot of Labor Day memories for some reason, but mine would be the QB draw that Kerry Joseph did to win the Labor Day classic years ago.

Lang: I actually have two favourite moments between the two teams. Last year’s Labour Day Classic was definitely a classic: a 52-0 shit kicking at Mosaic. I remember being there with a couple of my friends and it seemed like every time the Riders got the ball it was another touchdown. My other favourite memory was, of course, the 2007 Grey Cup. You can’t get much better than a Grey Cup Championship.

3. Enjoying a successful start to the season, running back Kory Sheets has already made the CFL record books. Do you think Sheets will still be at the top of the rushing standings at the end of the year?

Sockett: My favourite part about Kory Sheets is that he never seems to get discouraged when things aren’t going his way. When a defence appears to have shut him down, he starts the third quarter by blowing the defence apart right up the middle for a 20-yard gain. Sheets shows no signs of slowing down enough for Cornish and his oversized head to catch up. I guess he’ll have to cry himself to sleep on his gigantic pillow.

Klein: He’s already at 1000 yards rushing. If he, knock on wood, gets injured or chokes under the pressure, then I don’t see him giving up his lead.

Kreutzwieser: That’s a no brainer.

Wincherauk: I think he will be at the top of the heap. Right now he is head and shoulders above the other running backs in the CFL. I just want to see his carries go down a little bit.

Lang: Pending injury, Sheets has it all locked up already just nine games into the season. These past few games have definitely been regressing but I believe he will be at the top of the all-time single-season rushing yards before we’re said and done.

4. The NFL regular season is just around the corner, who is your pick to take it all in February?

Sockett: As a Falcons fan, I would be more then happy to see the Black White and Red take the Super Bowl, however, you can’t mention the Super Bowl without mentioning New England. So much has been mentioned about Patriots tight end Hernandez, that many people have overlooked what could be the signing of the century. The Pats acquired all star water bottle/clipboard holder Tim Tebow, with this addition we can be assured that Tom Brady will never be thirsty again. And as we all know there is nothing more dangerous that a well hydrated Brady.

Klein: Tom Brady will get hurt and Tim Tebow will lead them to a 2-16 record and miss the playoffs. Unless he gets released, which he will. Besides, I think Winnipeg is looking for a QB right now. Maybe Tebow can fit the bill. But my money is on the Seahawks. Go Hawks.

Kreutzwieser: Clearly, the Bills. Let’s be serious – when you lose your franchise QB and now your starter will likely be a rookie, then you decide on a college recruit instead of from a talented NFL pool for head coach, and you have players suffering from foot ailments that sounds like a fungal diseases, you know it’s going to be a good year.

Wincherauk: The NFL is my bread and butter. Right now, my picks to make the Super Bowl are the Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers. Packers bring home their second Lombardi trophy in four years.

Lang: I have to go with my Niners. They should have won last year  –yes I’m still bitter about this – and I believe a full year with Kaep under centre will change the way defences have to defend against the Niners. They also have a great defence, so as long as they can get hot at the right time the San Francisco 49ers will be the Super Bowl Champions.

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