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University alerts students about pest problem

The University of Regina has reported that they have found pests, again, in the Riddell Centre. 

“In September, we advised the campus community that a small number of cockroaches had been observed in traps set in the Riddell Center. The area was treated, which proved effective and we increased monitoring to ensure it remained effective,” stated a release that was provided to students. 

“Unfortunately, the problem recently resurfaced. It remains contained to the same area and has not spread to other areas of campus. Facilities Management is working with our contracted pest-control company to ensure effective pest removal strategies are carried out in a safe manner.” 

The statement continued to elaborate that spraying took place on Jan. 27 and that the products used “pose no risk to public safety when handled properly.” 

“Pest-control issues such as this are neither unusual nor unique to the University of Regina. Pest control can often be an ongoing effort for large institutions, particularly those with food services and/or multiple buildings to maintain,” the statement continued. 

“Please note that we all have a role in preventing pests at the University by keeping exterior doors shut as much as possible and ensuring food is stored in sealed glass or plastic containers and disposed of appropriately.” 

Students have differing opinions on the severity of the issue.  

Holly Worby, a third-year Psychology student, felt that this was a sign of bigger issues at the university. 

“The continuous reports concerning pest problems has left me feeling that our health and safety as students (and staff) are not priorities for the university. I feel as though us and our concerns aren’t being taken seriously – a seemingly repeating theme.” 

Worby also raised issue with this being a repeat instance of the same type of pest. 

“I cannot believe that the university is taking the necessary steps to eradicate the problem specifically due to the fact it’s been a repeat issue. Yes, these things can happen anywhere, but it shouldn’t be asking too much that a problem like this is dealt with immediately and correctly the first time.” 

Additionally, Worby has changed where they purchase food on the university due to the reports. 

“I have very little faith in the general cleanliness of the university at this point. I used to get food from the establishments in Riddell at least twice a week and I haven’t a single time this year due to the pest reports,” said Worby. 

“I can’t be the only one who’s pulled back in that regard and would be interested in seeing sales reports comparing this year to previous pest report-free years.” 

Alternatively, fourth-year Computer Science student, Jesse McLeod, had a different take on the reports coming out of the Riddell Centre. 

“I don’t care at all. Bugs are just a part of the environment; it’s impossible to get rid of them. Yeah roaches are kind of gross, but I’m not overly concerned about them in Riddell.” 

McLeod was relatively pleased with the level of transparency and forewarning that the university has taken as well. 

“Given that both times, they went out of their way to inform me about the issue, when I would never have even known otherwise, I’d say that they are taking steps,” said McLeod. 

“Pest control is a tricky thing, so it’s not entirely surprising that it happened again.” 

McLeod also felt unperturbed about cleanliness issues at the university as well. 

“I’ve never really had an issue with cleanliness at this university. I’m more concerned about the asbestos, to be honest.” 

McLeod parted with some final words of advice for their fellow students on where they should focus their concerns. 

There are bugs in every single room any of us will be in, except sterile lab environments or similar,” said McLeod. 

“I have a lot of problems with this university, but until cockroaches start falling from the ceiling, bugs isn’t going to be one of them.” 

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