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for whom the bell tolls

author: matt  wincherauk | editor-in-chief

for whom the bell tolls

by brett nielsen

The Carillon keeps you updated on the in-and-outs of our university

There is always news going on at the University of Regina, especially during the hectic start of a brand new school year. The Carillon’s news team cannot keep up with every story, so here is a brief rundown of some of the things happening around campus:


U-Pass Rollout

The University of Regina Students Union’s Universal Buss Pass, otherwise known as U-Pass, will be rolling out this semester after the program was green lit back on Sept. 9, 2015. Since then, URSU has been working out the details ahead of its launch this month. Important dates for students to know include:


Aug. 29: Official activation of U-Pass, as well as the beginning of opt-out process.

Sept. 2-19: Multipurpose Room will serve as on-campus place for students to activate or opt-out.

Oct. 4: Final date for opt-out of U-Pass.

Jan. 9: U-Pass cards/stickers expire if they have not been renewed for upcoming winter semester.


For more information on U-Pass and FAQs, visit


First Nations University Celebrates 40 Years

While the University of Regina begins just another school year, the First Nations University of Canada will be celebrating its 40th anniversary since it was created in May 1976.

Originally known as the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College, FNU changed its name to its current title back in 2003, and has grown from a mere nine students to an average of 3000 enrolled students.

To celebrate the University’s growing legacy, a four-day celebration will be taking place during the first week of classes, beginning with a feast, round dance, and giveaway on Friday, a day for alumni to revisit their past on Saturday, pimâtisiwin: Our Teachings, Our Future Inaugural Elders Conference and other family events on Sunday, and finally a project announcement on Monday.

The public is welcome to take part in any of the events taking place Friday, Sunday or Monday.

Further information can be found at FNU’s website,


Campion Accessibility Renovations

Campion College renovations have continued at a solid pace over the summer and are expected to continue through October. For those unaware, the purpose of these renovations is to make Campion a more accessible location for students, with a brand new elevator to replace the rickety old one, as well as larger hallways, and direct access to the college from the street in front, opposite the new residence towers.

While some restrictions might still be in place on the street, the building is expected to be fully available to students beginning Sept. 7, including the library and chapel.

For any updates regarding Campion’s progress, please visit where regular updates are posted.


Post-Secondary Infrastructure Investment

Continuing on the theme of renovations and infrastructure, the Government of Saskatchewan announced that $63 million would be invested in Saskatchewan’s post-secondary institutions via the Strategic Investment Fund.

The press release on the government’s website stated, “The projects will provide facility upgrades through renovations and updates to physical buildings at the institutions.  This in turn will develop a more efficient means of operating, creating better learning environments for students.”

This is great news for the University of Regina, as it will hopefully lead to the repair of classrooms and other buildings that have been in a state of emergency since fall 2015.

This however might be bad news for the Carillon newspaper, as all the leaks that we have been targeting may eventually dry up (pun intended). The completion of these renovations is expected to be April 2018.


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