Tireless dreams of an abandoned Meiko


Warning: this is really weird

Poor little puppy. / Laura Billett

Poor little puppy. / Laura Billett

My ears itched yesterday. My ears will itch tomorrow. I scratch them now.The flurry of the morning wake-up ends with a slam of the front door as the humans run from the big cage they stubbornly call their home, keys jangling, sweaters flailing, and bags in tow.

I sigh. Another comfortable night is over, and another cold day begins. I circle my pillow bed once, twice, thrice, trampling the stuffing and loosening my muscles in preparation for a long day’s work.My paws fit comfortably under my round belly and I sigh again.

My eyes grow heavy, my breathing slows. Even in my semi-consciousness I hear the silent house filling with the sound of my snores, stronger than an animal of ten pounds would be assumed to be able to make. But I don’t care; why should I be bothered. They left me here after all.

Who knows when they will return? Sometimes it is hours. That may not seem like much to you, selfish and ancient man, but to a dog, it means days.

I’m 64 years old, I have rotting teeth, and my ears are always itchy. The days are long. My heart is heavy. I am bored. I am lonely. I sleep. I search for food on the un-swept floor of the kitchen. It is incredible the gems you can find.

But my favourite days are those when I am left in the fenced clearing. The sun warms my shivering bones, and I doze into states of bliss.

Darkness overcomes my hairy conscience; I am transported into worlds of paradise. Sometimes, I am on a mountain. I get a sensation that I am being lifted higher and higher into the air. Wind and warm sunshine breeze through my matted white hair. I smile as only Shih Tzus can, revealing a set of teeth that fight for display.

My lower jaw protrudes, an under bite that makes the weak-hearted squirm and the light-hearted peal over in hurtful laughter. But in the clouds up there on the mountain, my under bite and crooked teeth only fade into sunshine, and my doggy smile becomes admired. I am loved there, I am acknowledged for my beauty on top of that mountain.

But then the sounds of cars pierce my reverie, and I am thrust into the world of consciousness. They are returning. I forget the haggard mess they left my heart when they abandoned me. It has been so long since I was pet.

Treats! Pets! Treats! They will give me treats, won’t they? I sigh. I sneeze. The strain of my sleepy legs as they struggle to lift my robust body doesn’t dampen my spirits.

I hear the beeps of the keypad at the door. My heart lifts.

The door opens, and I am radiating love. I am the sunshine I felt in my mountain dream. I am noticed! I am loved!

“Mieko, we are home!”

I dance at their feet. I sneeze. This moment is what I live for.


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