The wonders of the public library

One section of a public library branch, with some desks and chairs. The wall is lined with bookshelves.
Libraries are always so calming because people who love books do not get on your nerves as much. Victoria Baht

Public library branches have an edge over campus spots

Libraries are great for study sessions, group meetings to discuss presentations, or just as a location to borrow devices and get comfortable. With nine different locations across the city, Regina Public Library (RPL) offers great spaces to explore and make your new ultimate study spot. 

The first step to enjoying the RPL and all of its many offerings is to get yourself a library card. There are two options for holding a card. You can either have a short-term library account or a long-term library account. This card is your key to borrowing materials, from books to music and movies, even musical instruments, attending programs provided by the library, or using some of their many other services such as digitization and 3D printing. You can see how to obtain a library card and check out all the other services by visiting the RPL website at or chatting with librarians at a branch. 

My favourite RPL locations are Sherwood Village and Regent Place. I like these two locations because they are in the north end of the city, closer to where I live. This is one of the main reasons why I enjoy studying at the RPL locations more than at the university. Not only are they close, but most of the RPL locations also offer free parking to visitors. Branches are conveniently located in common public areas, including some near shopping centres or community centres, accessible by foot, by bike, bus, or by car. Just note that if you’re planning on going to Central Library by car, you might have to pay for parking by meter as it’s located in the downtown core. 

RPL has a wide array of services available to the public, as mentioned above. Most importantly the libraries provide access to free computer stations, and anyone can use the computers for up to two hours per day. Certain locations even have laptops that can be used up to four hours per day, but must remain within the library. For more details and conditions of usage and access, you can check out the RPL website under Computer Access. 

RPL locations also offer printing and scanning services. Printing costs fifteen cents per page for black and white and forty cents per page for colour pages. While those prices are a few cents more than on campus, they also allow scanning items for free as long as saved on a USB or sent to an email, something that does cost you on campus. If you have any questions or need assistance there is also always staff on site who can help you print and scan your items. Check their website under printing and scanning for rates and details.  

Certain RPL branches also have room bookings available to the public. This can be a great option for when a group of students want to get together and study. You can look at which rooms are available on their website under Room Bookings.  

Not only does the library offer all these great services, they also have great seating arrangements that are comfortable and easy to access. Are you a person who enjoys sitting at a desk with your laptop and just typing away, or do you like to sprawl out all over a table and let your mind wander, or sit on a couch, or read your book on the floor? All of these options are available at all library locations!  

Based on personal experience, the different library branches are quiet and not as busy as it can get at the university, which is another bonus. You can choose to set up here for a full day of work and get a lot done. With all libraries having access to power for you to plug in your device, public washrooms, water fountains, convenient locations, and amazing services, you cannot go wrong. Further, depending on your location, you may be able to go for a walk outside, grab a coffee or a bite to eat, and return to work after the perfect brain break all ready to resume study grind mode! 


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