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Farideh doesn’t pull any fast ones with her podcast.

Farideh doesn’t pull any fast ones with her podcast.

A new podcast launches in SK

Article: Robyn Tocker – A&C Editor

[dropcaps round=”no”]P[/dropcaps]odcasts are fast becoming one of the most popular ways to communicate ideas. With so many people flocking to them, is it any surprise Saskatchewan is jumping on the bandwagon?

Farideh, one of the few podcast creators in the province, says she started her podcast series “Tribe Finder” to help artists connect with their fan base.

“On my show, I have creative people talking about marketing in a way that’s really accessible for people of all backgrounds.”

Farideh started this project when she was working on being a marketing strategist for entrepreneurs. She realized their struggles to build an audience base and wanted to lend a hand.

“On a personal level, I was finding a new tribe for myself,” says Farideh.

Besides being the creator of “Tribe Finder” and a marketing strategist, Farideh has a passion for music. Acting as the bridge between the art world and the business world, Farideh offers advice for anyone willing to listen.

“You find quite a few podcasts for the arts and business world for a creative profession and then you’ll find 100 per cent marketing niche podcasts, but you don’t find one that bridges both ideas.” Her unique interests make her unusual podcast a necessity.

While Farideh is glad she decided to make “Tribe Finder,” actually getting started was not easy.

“I spent a whole month procrastinating, talking to people about being my guests.”

Some of the guests invited on Farideh’s show were, as she says, high profile and that made the nerves wash over her. Thankfully, that didn’t stop her from asking.

With every new task, says Farideh, you always worry if you’ll be good enough. That same thought occurred to her, but as she recorded more shows, she grew more confident in her abilities.

“It’s always motivating when we can see ourselves grow and learn new things…It’s a challenge but I love that I’m getting better.”

When it comes to the actual recording, Farideh says that was the easy part, but learning the backend elements of setting up the actual podcast was. Thanks to the wonders of the internet (specifically YouTube), she learned all she needed to about making the technical side of her dream a reality.2A- Podcast

In the end, Farideh is just happy she has the chance to help people. Her goal is to be featured on the front page of iTunes where she’ll have the chance to build a bigger fan base for her show. By spreading the word to her friends, hopefully more people will tune in once it makes its premiere on iTunes.

“I just hope that listeners gain the ability to gain insist into building their own customer base.”

Farideh is still involved with music, specifically through the group Rosie and the Riveters, which she performs gospel/folk music with three other ladies. Being in the band reminds her of all the interesting things artist can now do to build their fan base.

“Artists have an interesting role to play in business now. We’re expanding our ideas about what we talk about.”

Farideh hopes more podcasts made by Saskatchewanians sprout up in the future, but for now she’s content with her place in the podcast world.

“Tribe Finder” premieres on Feb. 7 with four episodes on iTunes.

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