The state of YouTube pranksters

The YouTube logo with a clown water flower squirting water.
It was all the rage in the first decade of YouTube’s reign, but where did they go? Lee Lim

Mazzy Salt in the hot seat for this fuckery debunking

Do you remember way back in the early 2010s how prank-obsessed YouTube was? Do you remember the days of PrankVSPrank when the pranks were simple, like a hot pepper prank where someone accidentally eats something really spicy, or a flour prank where you dump a bag of flour on someone, or a giant spider? 

What happened to those good ol’ days of pranks? Well, I think I know what happened. I think all the prank channels on YouTube are run by one man trying to make as much money as possible: Mazzy Salt. 

Mazzy Salt used to be huge in 2014 for his prank videos. Everyone loved him. He made millions. Then, one day he uploaded a video called “Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank,” and that was the beginning of the end. The video was Mazzy pinching women’s asses as a prank, which he later claimed was a social experiment, but it was too late. Hundreds of thousands of people unsubscribed.  

Mazzy tried so hard to come back, but he went too far in his attempts. He uploaded a video called “Killing Best Friend Prank” where he had his two friends fake kidnapped and one of them fake killed. That was the moment Mazzy Salt knew he would never be allowed back on the internet again. But it makes sense that Salt’s motivations are only for money. Prank videos get millions of views, which means millions of dollars. After people tried to campaign to get his channel taken down, he said he would if he was given $1.5 million. 

Don’t believe me? Look no further than the King Family. A few years ago, they tried to launch King University, a program that would teach other YouTubers how to get big. But it never happened. They claimed it was because of their manager. But, on the same day, they claimed it didn’t happen because of their manager, and they uploaded a video called “HIDDEN CAMERA IN CAR PRANK LEADS TO REAL BREAKUP” which got over 11 million views. Doesn’t that sound like the work of a man who had a successful prank channel? Doesn’t that sound like someone who would manage another successful prank channel? Who helped a prank channel become successful? And the King family has successfully uploaded several break-up prank videos, just like how Mazzy Salt’s final video was about him breaking up a friendship. 

Need more proof? Don’t worry, I have more proof. Ever heard of DiJion? He went viral after being banned on Twitch and getting into a feud with very popular woman streamer Digilane after DiJion made sexual jokes about her. Guess who else went viral for making sexual jokes about women which led to people disliking them? Mazzy Salt. The dots… they’re connecting.  

Need more proof? Mazzy Salt’s fifth most popular video still online is the “MAILING MYSELF IN A BOX | 24-hour challenge.” DiJion got kicked out of VidCon for trying to sneak in while hidden inside a box, just like Mazzy Salt. 

Who else is a mega-millionaire who does pranks? That’s right, the leader of the Vlog Squad, Davey Dobs. And what did Davey Dobs get in trouble recently for doing? Yup, almost killing his best friend, Jeffrey Wotto. Almost like how Mazzy Salt blew up for pretending to kill his friend. What else does Davey Dobs do? He gives cars to people. Where would Davey Dobs get money to give away all these cars, especially before he got big? The answer: Mazzy Salt. Mazzy Salt gave him the money so that he could make it back when he blew up, and he gave him the idea to almost kill his best friend. 

I’ve cracked the code of YouTube pranksters. They all link back to Mazzy Salt one way or another. The dots have all been connected. Next time you watch a YouTube prank video, just know you’re putting money in Mazzy Salt’s pocket. 


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