The passion for reading 

A cartoon drawing of a person sitting on the floor next to a bookshelf, reading a book. Several others are scattered around.
Unless reality has improved a lot recently, this will always be a far more tempting way to spend one’s day. Clker-Free-Vector-Images via Pixabay manipulated by Lee Lim

Books are magic portals to many worlds and of many times

Reading is one of the most common hobbies in the world. When you pick up a book, it is almost as if you are looking directly into an author’s soul. You get to know the narrative, the structure, the heart of the story, and why it is important. Books teach us lessons about the world. They help us understand the journey of life from different perspectives. In my opinion, reading is the best form of entertainment.  

What makes reading so unique is its ability to breathe nostalgia into your soul. You will find yourself yearning for a place you have never been to, all because of a book. The power in reading is that, at times, while you are reading a book, you are actually reading a piece of history. Books have the power to change our lives and force us to cultivate hope and inspiration for the life we want for ourselves. When you are reading works from authors such as Franz Kafka, Jane Austen, or Sylvia Plath, I believe that you are reading a piece of history.  

What I find so interesting is that I often find myself relating to authors who lived hundreds of years ago. The fact that books give us the opportunity to get to know authors from a different time is what makes reading so enjoyable. I find myself relating to Jane Austen so much at times. The way she viewed life, romance, and love. The way she writes about it. The fact that she wrote some of the greatest love stories of our time yet never married. If there was one author I would love to meet, it is Jane Austen. Her books allow me to understand love and the complexities of relationships.  

In addition, reading is a great hobby because of how versatile and multi-faceted it is. There is something for everyone to read. Whether you are into classics, or romance, or fantasy, or dystopian fiction, or adventure, thriller, horror, science fiction, war fiction, etc., there is a book out there for everyone, even those who hate reading.  

My favourite book in the world is The Velveteen Rabbit. It is a short children’s book. It sounds silly, but it is a book that brings me so much comfort. I often read it at night as a way to unwind and help me fall asleep. It is a beautiful book about a velveteen rabbit who feels unloved and abandoned because he is an old toy, and the boy he belongs to has started playing with new, shiny toys.  

The rabbit wishes he was a real rabbit so he could visit the boy. This is a beautiful book about love, friendship, and life. It teaches many lessons such as self-love, the importance of gratitude and friendship, and always remembering where you came from. I believe it is a book that everyone should read, not only children.  

Books help us understand people. Moreover, reading allows us to enhance our vocabulary and improve our writing and comprehension skills. The reality is that reading is important because it is through books that knowledge, resources, lessons, and stories are spread and shared.  

Books create awareness. They allow us to be aware of the journey of life, whether it is the life we are living in today or the life that other people lived hundreds or thousands of years ago.   


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