The ghost of Bobby


After killing himself, Bobby haunted my friends…and me

Back when I had short hair and before I knew my college was haunted… / Elma Kaus

Back when I had short hair and before I knew my college was haunted… / Elma Kaus

Upon graduating from high school back in 2010, I received a scholarship to go play softball at a Junior College in Bottineau, North Dakota called Dakota College at Bottineau (DCB). Little did I know that for two full years, I would be attending a college haunted by a ghost.

I kid you not. During my time at DCB, I heard stories of a ghost named Bobby, who haunted (and probably still haunts) two dorms at DCB – Milligan Hall (one of the boys’ dorms) and Gross Hall (the girls’ dorm I lived in when I attended DCB).

As the story goes, a student named Bobby killed himself in Milligan Hall, leaving his spirit to lurk around the DCB campus.

My friend, Jayden McMillin, who I met my 2nd year at DCB, lived in Milligan Hall and had numerous encounters with Bobby.

McMillin states, “Well, the first obvious one was the writing of ‘Bobby’ in the ceiling where it’s basically humanly impossible to write it where it’s written. I also remember when I was watching TV on my own in room number 2 my freshman year, the door just opened by itself and slowly opened up. There was absolutely no wind that day.”

Creeped out yet? Just you wait. Bobby’s name actually isn’t “written” per se on the ceiling. It isn’t written in ink, painted on, or even carved out into the ceiling. “Bobby” just seems to appear on the ceiling. I’ve seen it. And, every time I looked at it, I felt shivers go up and down my spine.

McMillin goes on to say that he remembers occasionally hearing noises down in the Milligan Hall basement and feeling a sense that something or someone was in his friend’s room when he went to visit her in Gross Hall.

My goodness gracious. Clearly, we weren’t alone in our dorm rooms with Bobby around every corner. Want more proof?

Jorgia Boehler, a friend of mine and former DCB student, says, “The light in Milligan [room] 2 always came on with a flicker around the same time every morning. [One] time in [a friend’s] room when the fan started moving by itself, we stopped it with our hands, and afterwards it still kept spinning at a medium speed, and when we left, the ‘Bobby’ that’s written on the ceiling had changed so we could all see it without having to look for it.”

But wait. There’s more. Boehler had another encounter:

“We felt like somebody was following us into Milligan [room] 2,” states Boehler. “We left the room door open, and all of a sudden it slammed shut…no breeze or windows open.”

I guess you could say when it was impossible for a breeze to slam a door shut, Bobby’s spirit got the job done.

Now, let me speak on my own encounters with Bobby, which terrified me to no end and caused me many nights of fear-induced insomnia.

One night while I sprawled out in bed, the lights off, my head on my pillow turned away from my door, I felt something flick the back of my neck. The sensation 100 per cent felt like a human finger was flicking me. Instantly, my body tensed, and I turned towards to the door. Nobody was there. Nobody could’ve been in my room because it was locked. Except for Bobby.

In another instance as I tossed and turned in my bed trying to fall asleep, I looked towards my door and saw a tall, dark figure duck out of the sliver of light shining in through my window and disappeared into a dark corner of my room. I am convinced it was Bobby.

Let me just say that I’m glad I graduated from DCB and came to the U of R: a non-haunted school. But, apparently even in Regina, Bobby’s spirit reaches out to me. How do I know this? Because, while I was working on this article, I got a phone call from an anonymous number down in the U.S.A.

I declined the call.



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