The Bell Tower Episode Five

With Kent and Rhiannon!

Kent Peterson and Rhiannon Ward reveal a secret world of stalking, liquor, whores, and discounted candy, here on the Paper Dreams Podcast Network.


  1. Mark Reid 2 November, 2010 at 09:34

    Hey Rhiannon…did you find that the mini Halloween smarties tasted nasty this year?
    Kent could you please read (in your John Gormley voice) some excerpts from Gormley's book. I don't know if that would qualify as "evil" but I imagine it would be entertaining.

  2. Dan Shier 9 December, 2010 at 03:43

    OH Don't remind me of my high school! UGH.
    Kent – Terry's Chocolate Oranges = Xmas chocolates
    Kent SFX – *Psheeeee*
    OMG THE Liquor and Whores CLIP!
    I'll be your producer!
    "How come every time you come around
    My London London Bridge wanna go down
    Like London London London
    Wanna go down like
    London London London 
    Be going down like"

    >.> I DONT EVEN HAVE KENT'S PIN! >.> Kent has a BlackBerry?
    You can splice in sound bridges post-recording… OR have em on a playboard that has buttons.

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