Local store feature: Paper Umbrella

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A unique community store with a variety of products

Are you a person who likes to take notes, stay organized, decorate your office, and is always looking for office gear? Look no further than a small, locally-owned business known as Paper Umbrella. They have got you covered with all the goodies that make everything look neat, organized, and professional. 

Paper Umbrella is one of my personal favourite little nick-nack stores in the city and I am going to tell you why. Before I get to give you all the little details and the variety of stock, I talked to one of the owners and they took time out of their day after chit-chatting with me to send me an email to give you a thorough introduction to the store and business. They talk about what it is all about, so that way you are not missing out on any details!

The owners of the store are Theresa Kutarna and Brad Kreutzer. Theresa stated: “We’re an independently owned small business established in 2005, and are dedicated to the well-being of people in a positive way. We view ourselves as fortunate to live and work in a highly creative community where collaborations, projects, and tantalizing ideas are made possible. Some of our favourite products are fountain pens, vintage posters and paper, various journals including Leuchtuurm, and fun stationery. Some of our more recent projects include our month-long letter writing challenge every April (since 2014) which has included working with hospitals, seniors homes, schools and libraries; Cathedral Arts Festival collaborations; the International Pelican Hub for fountain pen enthusiasts; workshops on everything from handwriting analysis to botanical ink making and bullet journaling; and 70 days of consecutive paper craft videos at 2 p.m. throughout the pandemic.”

I personally had no idea about all these projects that Paper Umbrella was working on, and feel like I have been missing out! Sounds like such great work and commitment to the community. Now that we know all the details on what they are all about, let’s talk stock and what you can find in the store.

When you first walk into the store you are welcomed by a variety of different items. The first thing I noticed were the planners and calendars. Planners and calendars seem like a great way to start getting organized as they can be laid out in a variety of different ways, and you can choose which ones work best for you and your style. If you are having a hard time deciding which one to choose, mine is laid out by starting out with a month of dates just like an ordinary calendar. As you flip the pages you have a box for each day. That way you can write down your to-do list or what you completed that day or whatever pattern you choose.

Trust me, now that you have a planner, it does not stop there! The store has a variety of different ways you can spice up your planner or your daily school notes. You can do so by having a choice of different pens. Whether you want classic black and blue or want to be colour-coded, they have the options for you! Are pens not enough, or different colours of pens not your style? How about fancy stickers? As I was walking around the store, I saw some different sticker options that have sayings, bright colours, funky designs, and more. You could use these stickers to decorate your laptop or put them on your calendar as bookmarks – the choices seem endless.

They also know how to spice things up with the coffee mugs that are for sale. They’re bright in colour and have great designs. They seem like the perfect gift to give yourself or someone else. Speaking of gifts, I need to mention all of the unique cards they have in the store. Do you have a special holiday, birthday, retirement, wedding, graduation, or other event coming up that needs a card? Paper Umbrella has got some great options for you, and you will not be disappointed because of the great variety in stock.

Now you know all about the wonderful local shop, Paper Umbrella. There is so much more to explore, and that is the exact reason why you should go and check it out yourself! So go on and get some goodies at Paper Umbrella, located at 2724 13th Avenue in Regina.


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