Dos and don’ts of summer classes


author: annie trussler | op-ed editor

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If you want to pass the class and ensure that taking one of these classes wasn’t a complete waste of both time and money, you have to be determined.

As the winter semester comes to an end, I’m sure the last thing you have in mind is taking more classes. However, if you just want to get a couple more courses over with, then spring and summer classes are a great idea.

I would recommend only taking classes in either the spring session or the summer session, not both. Both your brain and your body need a break, so taking a couple of months to relax is a must. Otherwise, a crash is likely by the time the fall semester begins again.

If you want the full summer to get a job, to go back home, or to travel, then spring or summer classes may not fit into your schedule. They do take up a lot of time and effort, especially if you want good marks.

Plan ahead. They don’t offer a lot of classes in the spring and summer sessions, so it’s important to look at the available classes well in advance. Depending on the subject, the only classes offered might be at the introductory level, so they’re particularly useful if you need to take a few electives.

The sessions are short, so it’s crucial to stay organized. If you get behind, there’s a good chance you may not be able to catch up. Taking spring and summer classes is essentially a waste of time if you have no motivation to do the work required. I took my spring classes online because I like to have the ability to do the modules and the homework on my own time, without having to take the time to attend class every day. However, not everyone prefers online classes. You have to be prepared to be in class almost every day, depending on the course.

Also, just because the classes are around six weeks instead of twelve, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the classes are going to be easier. There’s still a lot of material to cover, you just have to do it in a shorter period. Depending on the professor and the class, it is true that you may not have to do as many assignments, but you still have to learn the material.

These classes allow you to get ahead in the completion of the classes you need to take, but they do require a lot of motivation and discipline. If you want to pass the class and ensure that taking one of these classes wasn’t a complete waste of both time and money, you have to be determined.

Of course, for the determined people reading this article and agreeing, then definitely take spring and summer classes! I felt accomplished when I finished my finals for those classes and realized that I would be able to take four classes each semester the following year and hopefully be less stressed out. Naturally, I was still incredibly stressed throughout the year, but I can’t even imagine how stressed I would have been had I been taking a full five classes.


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