Students share harrowing account of cryptid encounter on campus

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Cryptids have been intriguing and eluding humanity for centuries. You have the Mothman, a human-sized moth with glowing red eyes whose presence warns of imminent danger; the Loch Ness Monster, who dips and weaves in her Scotland lake but has rarely made appearances; the Chupacabra, whose spike-lined back is only slightly less terrifying than the way it sucks the blood of livestock to eat. Of course, everyone’s heard of Bigfoot, and alleged video footage is easy enough to find, but we still have no verifiable, solid, undeniable evidence he’s really kicking around. Experiences with any sort of cryptid are few and far between, especially in the prairies – or at least that’s what most Saskatchewan experts believed until this week.

On the morning of September 29, 2021 – a day that will go down in cryptozoology books for centuries to come – a new cryptid was discovered in the elevator of the Classroom Building on the U of R campus. There will be skeptics, but we got in contact with three individuals who all claim to have seen the being. Their reactions differ, but their descriptions align incredibly.

“It really freaked me out for a second, like I had no clue how to react when it…he…I don’t know. When it popped up.” said Sanjit, a third-year engineering student. His sentiments were echoed by Amilie, in their second year of an education degree, who could barely choke out the words “How could that be real?” Sandy, a first-year biology major, was surprisingly level-headed regarding the whole situation: “While I might not understand exactly what I saw, you can bet your ass I’ll be back with cameras, recording equipment, and Ziploc bags for any evidence.”

Amilie, once collected, said that the figure they saw while entering the elevator was theirself, surrounded by a blue-grey cloud but dressed and behaving as they had been exactly three weeks prior. “I had just gotten the syllabus for my first course of the semester and was scheduling everything out in my head, and was feeling super confident about my approach. I knew I was going to be able to handle whatever came at me. Or at least I thought I did; after seeing that, I’m not so sure.”

Sandy’s experience had aspects similar to Amilie’s, and was also personalized. “I saw myself as I was nine months ago, sobbing on that elevator because I’d just dumped my boyfriend. He was a real piece of work, cheated on me more times than I can count on one hand, but I kept thinking I could make him love me enough to stop, so I stuck around. It took me seven years to really learn that being happy alone is better than being miserable with a partner.” Sandy also described the figure as within a blue-grey cloud, but added that the experience left her feeling refreshed and hopeful.

Sanjit rounded out the trio with his account of a blue-grey cloud and an image of himself from his past. “It was in the middle of the Winter 2020 semester, and I’d just sent my first extension request to a professor. I was terrified because he seemed like a hard ass in class, but he wound up being really understanding. Getting that extension is what saved my GPA that semester so it was worth the effort, but man was I shaken up.”

Local cryptozoologist Jane O’Igetit was called on by both the Biology and Religious Studies departments to remark on the sightings, and to provide justification for why these three seemingly separate events are being attributed to the same cryptid. “To the untrained eye, these events do seem unique, but true cryptid scholars are able to see the common themes running through. Most intriguing is the fact that all individuals saw themselves during a period of transition and growth.” The cryptid is surmised to be telepathic, as it appears to identify the most recent jump in personal growth for an individual and take the form of the individual in that moment. It has been named “Your Best” by O’Igetit, who said the name serves the dual purpose of describing how the being will appear when you see it, and emphasizing the transient and subjective nature of truly being at your best.


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