Student health a concern


author: kristian ferguson | news editor

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Students let us know what they do to stay healthy

University of Regina students have much to say on how they take care of their health, if they are using the health insurance the university provides, and what they would like changed. 

A student, who wished to remain anonymous, answered in depth about how they felt about their health 

“I’m happy to have health insurance with the university, but I don’t like that you have to pay first and then get compensated,” said the student. 

“My lenses already cost me upwards of $300 and it is hard to have that kind of money up front on a student budget.” 

They also admitted to not having a regular doctor. 

“I mostly go to walk-ins if I really need it,” they said. 

“Its too hard to find a regular doctor for me at the moment. I just play things by ear.” 

The student was making a particular effort to pay attention to their mental health. 

“I try to go to the counselors they have on campus as often as I can,” the student admitted. 

“Even if it is just to get something off my chest that is bothering me, it’s just nice to have someone to talk to sometimes.” 

Jesse McLeod, a third-year computer science major, detailed how they take care of their health as well. 

“I go to walk-ins because I only go to the doctor every few years at most and always for something specific.” 

When asked about student insurance, McLeod had some hesitations. 

“I don’t use the student insurance because I am covered by other, better insurance,” McLeod said. 

“I’ll be honest, the student plan is actually super vague about exactly what it does and does not cover so I’d be hesitant to try it anyways.” 

McLeod wanted a little bit more out of coverage for students as well. 

“More therapy. Honestly, I think literally everybody should have some form of regular counseling, regardless of their mental health, which would obviously require a pretty substantial restructuring of the current system.” 

When asked how McLeod takes care of their mental health, they detailed a few things they keep up with. 

“meditating regularly, taking vitamin D, making sure my room is always clean. I think mental health is a lot about little stuff that adds up.” 

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