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Cougars women’s basketball player Megan Chamberlin prepares to serve on URSU senate next year

Autumn McDowell
Sports Writer

With school, basketball, work, and now senate, Megan Chamberlin has a lot on her plate.

The University of Regina Cougars women’s basketball player is currently working towards a kinesiology and health studies degree, with a major in human kinetics. She also works in the school’s equipment room. By running for senate, Chamberlin decided to take her school involvement to a new level

Chamberlin was the last member to be elected to the senate with 598 votes and will be working alongside Haanim Nur, Paige Kezima, Kent Peterson, Kaytlyn Barber, and Melissa Blackhurst, who make up the other five positions on the senate.

“[Outgoing URSU president] Kyle Addison had told me that he thought I would be a good candidate to run for senate,” explained Chamberlin. “I decided from there to look into exactly what it was and, once I got background information, I decided it would be something I would be good at and would like to do.

“With me being on the basketball team and also working here at the U of R in facility services, this is my chance to give back to the university because it has given me so much. Since all four of those things are all linked to the University of Regina, I think I will be able to balance them accordingly.”
Chamberlin plans on bringing a slightly different perspective to the senate.

“I feel like I can bring an athletic perspective on academic issues,” she said. “Being an athlete, I will also keep in mind if the things being proposed will benefit athletes, as well as academics.”

Along with her athletic perspective and team-oriented mindset, Chamberlin will have an important role as a member of the senate.

“My role as a member of the senate will consist of bringing the concerns of students regarding academics to light,” explained Chamberlin. “Whenever something is proposed on the senate, I will have to think if it is something that will help or hinder students in their academics.”

Chamberlin was running as part of the “For Students” campaign team, whose main competition was “Voice of Students”. Many members of “For Students” held positions going into the election, which is why the voting results came as a bit of a shock to Chamberlin.

“I was a little surprised that all of the executive positions went to the Voice of Students slate, but that just might be because I ran with the For Students slate, so I was a little biased towards what I thought would be the outcome of the election,” said Chamberlin. “I fully congratulate Voice of Students for their win in the elections and I am excited to see what they are going to do next year.”

Next year could prove to be an exciting one for Chamberlin. Going into her third year as a member of the women’s basketball team, Chamberlin is still looking for a national championship, which has been something that the whole team has struggled to achieve lately. With the scoring and rebound help of Chamberlin, the team looks to be a strong contender once again next year.

Playing a successful basketball season, while on her way to improving the student body, would be all too perfect for Chamberlin. Attempting to balance school, work, basketball, and senate is something she is looking forward to. 

“It may take some getting used to at first, but I am used to being busy and I love it,” Chamberlin said. “I think it will be fun for me.”

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