Nominations for RPIRG board open until February 24

Green globe made of puzzle pieces next to “rpirg” in lower case RPIRG

Submissions made online

There’s still time for students who wish to run for RPIRG’s board of directors to put forward their nomination package. The deadline is February 24 at 4 p.m. Although submissions are normally done in person, due to COVID-19, RPIRG has set up a Google form where students can submit their nomination packages online. All of the information on how to nominate yourself is available on the RPIRG website. Outreach and Events Coordinator Tayef Ahmed said it’s an important year for the organization, which will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of its Green Patch. They also have several new funding initiatives including new dedicated funding for BIPOC students. 

Joining the RPIRG board is an opportunity for students to gain experience with a socially and environmentally conscious non-profit. According to their website, “board members attend meetings 2 times per month, sit on committees which report to the board on matters like staff relations, budgets, events, and funding, and help to run and promote RPIRG events.” The estimated monthly time commitment is about four to six hours. “We have a beautiful board, we’re a very nice organization to work with, and [you can] get the experience you need,” said Tayef Ahmed, RPIRG’s Outreach and Events Coordinator. 

Ahmed said that RPIRG is an ideal place for students who want more opportunities for professional and personal development while they serve on a board. “We provide a lot of training sessions. We will provide you funding to participate in a lot of training. So if there’s anything you would like to learn, or you’d like to get involved with, you are very much welcome,” Ahmed said. “We have the flexibility in our organization and we always look forward to learning together and building relationships with the student. And then just to be engaged with the social and environmental justice around the city. It’s wonderful.”

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